Research Grant

The Nanovic Institute supports independent research projects, regardless of field of study which require travel to Europe for archival or field research. Research grants are awarded for fall, winter, spring, and summer break periods. First year students are eligible to apply for spring and summer break grants. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are eligible to apply for any of these break periods. Research grants cover flights, lodging, and research-related expenses, for more information on funding details and restrictions, see effective budgeting.

Academic-year break grants provide seed funding for research projects in European studies. These are typically short-term exploratory research trips intended to inform a larger project. Successful proposals will be well-focused and will demonstrate adequate background research and faculty guidance. Maximum award: $3,500.

Summer break grants provide funding for students to develop or complete long-term projects such as a senior thesis or capstone essay. Successful proposals demonstrate a clear connection to a broader academic, professional, or personal undertaking and build off of previous or ongoing research. Graduating Seniors are ineligible for summer funding. Maximum award: $6,000.

How to get started

  • All Nanovic funded research projects must be closely advised by a faculty member. The sooner you start discussing your research ideas with a faculty member, the better! Don't know who is best to advise your project? Review the Institute’s list of faculty fellows.
  • Review the Institute’s research priorities.
  • Define your research question and methodology.
  • Determine whether your research involves human subjects. If so, your project must be approved by the Institutional Review Board.
  • Review proposal writing and budgeting guidelines.

Apply for Research Grant

Application deadlines:

  • Fall Break (Seniors only): September 12, 2023
  • Winter Break (Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors): November 7, 2023
  • Spring Break (Juniors and Seniors): February 6, 2024
  • Summer Break (First Years, Sophomores, & Juniors): April 2, 2024

Award Expectations and Requirements

Grant recipients are required to obtain the proper permissions for international travel from Notre Dame International prior to payment of awarded funds. Once awarded, the funding must be used to conduct the project as proposed in the application (to the best of the recipient’s ability). Funded research trips must be completed by the end of the relevant break. Nanovic-sponsored travel may not interfere with class attendance or completion of final exams as scheduled without express, advance permission from faculty.

Combined funding from this grant and other sources may not exceed the project’s total budget, and applicants must promptly inform the Nanovic Institute of additional funding received at any point from application submission through completion of the trip.  Recipients must return any paid funds if they cancel the trip and must repay any non-refundable expenses incurred by the Institute (i.e. airfare directly paid) if cancellation is not due to documented illness, bereavement, or another justifying circumstance.

After conducting the project, grant recipients must provide the Nanovic Institute with reporting materials including a brief project report and photos. Students must also submit a snapshot of their trip expenses.