The Nanovic Institute is home to a vibrant undergraduate academic community of students from across the disciplines seeking to deepen their understandings of European affairs, past, present, and future. The Nanovic Institute’s core academic programs currently consist of the Minor in European Studies, open to students from all majors, and the Concentration in Transnational European Studies through the Supplemental Major in Global Affairs. In addition to these two curricular pathways, all students with an interest in European Studies are encouraged to enroll in the Institute’s dynamic and engaging EURO courses. The courses feature 1.0-3.0 credit options that explore topics from the Enlightenment, legacies of colonialism, to migration, and the most pressing challenges facing the European continent today.

The Institute’s academic programs are coordinated by Student Programs Assistant Director, Anna Dolezal, and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Gundi Müller. Students interested in learning more about the Institute’s academic programs are encouraged to schedule an advising appointment with Anna to discuss their options.

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