The Nanovic Institute is led by the director, staff, faculty committee and an advisory board. It is also affiliated with over one hundred faculty fellows from across the university, a growing list of visiting scholars, and it sponsors the scholarly and professional work of over one hundred undergraduate and graduate students every year.

The Institute collaborates frequently with other centers, institutes, and schools at Notre Dame, and serves to connect Notre Dame to other European universities, such as those in our Catholic Universities Partnership.

  1. Clemens Sedmak 2234 April2021 Web

    Clemens Sedmak

    Director and Professor of Social Ethics

  2. Monica Caro 2258 April2021 Web

    Monica Caro

    Senior Associate Director

  3. Bruna Celic in front of JNH

    Bruna Celic

    Research Program Coordinator

  4. Anna Dolezal 2245 April2021 Web

    Anna Dolezal

    Student Programs Assistant Manager

  5. Jenn Lechtanski 2246 April2021 Web

    Jennifer Lechtanski

    Graphic Designer

  6. Grainne Mcevoy

    Gráinne McEvoy

    Communications Specialist

  7. Hildegund Muller 2248 April2021 Web

    Hildegund Müller

    Senior Liaison for Research and Curricular Affairs, and Associate Professor of Classics

  8. Grant Osborn 2254 April2021 Web

    Grant Osborn

    Associate Director

  9. Beka Prince in front of JNH

    Rebekah Prince

    Events Coordinator

  10. Melanie Webb 2255 April2021 Web

    Melanie Webb

    Operations Assistant Director