Clemens Sedmak

Phone: (574) 631-5253
Office: 1060E Nanovic Hall

Director and Professor of Social Ethics

Clemens Sedmak is professor of social ethics in the Keough School of Global Affairs and holds a joint appointment with Notre Dame’s Center for Social Concerns. He is also a concurrent professor of theology in the Department of Theology.

A native Austrian, Clemens Sedmak holds doctoral degrees in theology (Catholic University of Linz), philosophy and social theory (University of Innsbruck). Before coming to Notre Dame, he was the F.D. Maurice Professor for Moral and Social Theology at King's College London.

Sedmak has previously served as director of the Center for Ethics and Poverty Research and chair for epistemology and philosophy of religion at the University of Salzburg, where he was also president of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Ethics.

Sedmak has authored numerous publications in German and English, including The Capacity to be Displaced: Resilience, Mission, and Inner Strength (Brill, 2017).

His research interests include social ethics, the Catholic social tradition, and issues of poverty and justice. Sedmak's research includes collaboration with Notre Dame colleagues on the Catholic Church's role in acclimating refugees into Italian society.