Yir 2020 Cover
Read how students and faculty are transformed through their experiences
in the Nanovic Institute's 2019-20 Year in Review.

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Nanovic Institute for European Studies is to enrich the intellectual culture of Notre Dame by creating an integrated, interdisciplinary home for students and faculty to explore the evolving ideas, cultures, beliefs, and institutions that shape Europe today.

To pursue its mission, the Institute works to promote European studies at Notre Dame, transform its undergraduates, professionalize its graduate students, foster its interdisciplinary faculty research, and build its international network.

Now in Nanovic Hall on Notre Dame Avenue, the Nanovic Institute has entered a second decade of exciting growth as part of Notre Dame’s new Keough School of Global Affairs.


The Institute is led by the Directorstaff, the Faculty Committee, and an Advisory Board. Over one hundred faculty from across the university affiliated with the Institute as Nanovic Fellows, along with a growing list of Visiting Scholars. The Institute collaborates frequently with other centers, institutes, and schools at Notre Dame, and serves to connect Notre Dame to other European universities, such as those in our Catholic University Partnership.

Playing a key role over the course of its history in the internationalization of Notre Dame, the Institute sponsors the scholarly and professional work of over one hundred undergraduates and graduate students every year.

Alumni, friends, and colleagues of the Institute can be found in every corner of Europe.