Minor in European Studies

The minor in European studies (MES) exposes students to the breadth and depth of European studies and affairs.

The minor grounds students’ knowledge in the foundational ideas that have and will continue to shape Europe and its peoples while allowing for students to pursue their unique interests and passions under the umbrella of European studies. Thus, coursework in the minor is flexible and expansive, covering European ideas, themes, and events from antiquity to the present day. It requires students to take a writing-intensive, foundational seminar that provides an opportunity for students to critically engage with a single time period or concept that is considered foundational to Europe.

Students in the minor in European studies (MES) will graduate with proficiency in a European language and develop a nuanced historical understanding of European society and culture. They will gain the practical research, writing, and diplomatic skills needed to apply this knowledge to the most pressing issues facing Europe and the world today.

As integral members of the Nanovic Institute, students in the MES are afforded priority consideration for grant opportunities, research assistantships, and access to the Nanovic network on campus and in Europe. MES students can expect enhanced opportunities for European travel, research, and service beyond the classroom. They connect with European experts–such as diplomats, scholars, and policymakers. As a result, they cultivate interdisciplinary skills valuable in a wide range of fields, including the arts, economics and finance, foreign service, law and politics, and mission-oriented non-governmental organizations.


MES students will complete the following:

  • 3.0 credits of advanced European language study. Students in the minor become proficient in a European language by completing coursework at the Intermediate II level or beyond in one of the following languages: French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish.
  • 9.0 credits of MES courses. Whether you are interested in questions about the European Union or medieval European history, students carve their own path in the minor by taking 9 credits in EURO courses. Students can complete this by taking any combination of credit hours and courses with the MESE attribute, including three-credit and one-credit courses. Browse the over 250 European studies electives available by searching the MESE attribute in class search or NOVO.
  • 3.0 credits of the Foundational European Studies Seminar, EURO 33000. The foundational European studies seminar is the core of the European studies minor. This writing-intensive seminar invites students to look at a uniquely European event, phenomenon, or scholar through an interdisciplinary lens. This course is offered every fall and is taught by a different, distinguished Europeanist on campus each year. Students are required to take this course in the fall of their junior or sophomore year.

Requirements for students who declared the Minor in European Studies prior to fall 2021

  • 3.0 credits of advanced European language study

  • 9.0 credits of MESE electives

  • 3.0 credits of capstone essay