Minor in European Studies

Why Complete a Minor in European Studies?

To be successful in today’s world, students need to study the history, politics, culture, and languages of other nations. To assist students in this, the Nanovic Institute for European Studies administers the Minor in European Studies (MES). The MES program was designed to reward those students who take additional courses about Europe beyond their university and departmental requirements and who commit themselves to exploring topics of interest and relevance in the field of European Studies.

We encourage all students who wish to study abroad or pursue international careers to complete the Minor in European Studies.

The minor is offered by the College of Arts & Letters, but students from all of Notre Dame’s academic colleges are welcome to complete the program. MES students have access to a specific MES advisor who will guide them through the process of completing the curriculum, as well as to faculty with expertise on a wide array of topics relating to European Studies. Students who fulfill the requirements of the minor will receive an official certificate of completion from the Nanovic Institute and will be recognized at a special event held during commencement weekend.

Benefits of being a European Studies Minor

  • Special announcements about lectures, films, symposia, and other events on campus related to Europe or European Studies
  • Frequently invited to formal and informal meals with visitors from Europe and the Vatican
  • Complimentary tickets to European cultural events and the Nanovic film series
  • Special reminders about deadlines for undergraduate grants offered by the Nanovic Institute.

Declaring the Minor

First, meet with the departmental advisor for your major(s) and/or other minor(s) to inform them of your intentions and to make sure you are on track with everything required to complete your current curricula.

Second, meet with the Student Coordinator at the Nanovic Institute for European Studies to review the requirements for the minor and to discuss your plan for fulfilling them. The Student Coordinator will also work with you on completing and processing the necessary paperwork and will contact you once you have been officially added to the program.

Set Your Meeting

The Student Coordinator is available to help with issues such as declaring the minor, tracking progress toward completion of the minor, planning course schedules prior to registration, determining course eligibility (both here and abroad), determining an essay topic or director, MES file and academic records, as well as general program information.

Both current MES participants and students interested in learning about the program are encouraged to meet with the MES student coordinator by appointment. Students are also welcome to contact the student coordinator directly with questions regarding the minor or any of our student grant programs.

Heather Stanfiel
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Minor in European Studies & Nanovic Grant Programs

Office: 1060 Nanovic Hall
Telephone: 574-631-4582

Email: stanfiel.2@nd.edu