Minor in European Studies

What is the Minor in European Studies?

It is a fifteen (15) credit interdisciplinary minor rooted in the humanities that allows students to pursue their unique interests and passions in a European context.

Students in the Minor in European Studies (MES) will graduate with proficiency in a European language and develop a nuanced historical understanding of European society and culture, and the practical research, writing, and diplomatic skills needed to apply this knowledge to the most pressing issues facing Europe and the world today.

As integral members of the Nanovic Institute, students in the Minor in European Studies are afforded priority consideration for grant opportunities, research assistantships, and access to the Nanovic network on campus and in Europe. MES students can expect enhanced opportunities for European travel, research, and service beyond the classroom, to connect with European experts, such as diplomats, scholars, and policymakers, and to cultivate interdisciplinary skills valuable in a far range of fields, including the arts, economics and finance, foreign service, law and politics, and mission-oriented non-governmental organizations.

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