Capstone Essay Guidelines

Students who are required or choose to write a capstone essay may choose any topic of interest to them within the field of European Studies. Students will then choose a member of the Notre Dame faculty to direct their essay, although the Institute recommends choosing an advisor from the institute’s list of faculty fellows. While the capstone essay writing process is entirely independent and the writing schedule must be decided upon by the student and the advisor, students will enroll in a 3.0 credit course. Both the chosen topic and faculty advisor must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies before permission for credit hour registration will be granted. After their advisor and topic have been approved, the student will receive additional guidance on research, writing, and formating their capstone essays.

The capstone essay should be based on eight to ten primary sources in addition to secondary material. Students must adhere to the Academic Code of Honor when writing their essay and must therefore include citations in all appropriate situations, as well as corresponding bibliographic end material. All students who write a capstone essay in the minor in European studies will be considered for the J. Robert Wegs Prize for Best Minor in European Studies Capstone Essay.