Faculty Grants

The Nanovic Institute is excited to support substantive faculty-led projects that enliven European studies at the University of Notre Dame through a competitive funding process.

The Nanovic Institute encourages Notre Dame faculty to explore its many internal grant opportunities. When applying for a faculty grant, please note the following:

  • Interested faculty must submit their grant proposals through the Nanovic faculty application portal.
  • While all faculty of the University of Notre Dame are eligible to apply for Beyond the Classroom and Faculty-Led Student Trip Grants, a majority of the grants are only available to Nanovic Faculty Fellows. Faculty members interested in becoming a Faculty Fellow must be nominated by a current fellow or the Nanovic director. Fellows interested in nominating a regular faculty member to become a Faculty Fellow should complete the Fellow nomination form, including a letter of support; questions about the process or timeline may be directed via email to Rev. James Lies, C.S.C., Senior Advisor for Faculty Fellow Affairs and Partnerships. Emeriti Fellows with a record of active citizenship may be granted an exception and deemed eligible to apply for grants; Emeriti Fellows interested in applying for faculty grants should meet with Jim Lies prior to submitting a grant proposal.
  • Faculty should contact Jim Lies with any questions they may have prior to submitting their grant proposal. Questions about types of faculty support not presently covered by grant programs should also be directed to Jim; internal grant opportunities are reevaluated each year, influenced by faculty need, and are subject to change.
  • Eligible faculty may submit multiple, even concurrent, grant proposals each academic year, assuming the specific eligibility requirements for each grant opportunity are met.
  • Grant proposals are reviewed by a committee in the weeks that follow each of the grant deadlines. While review committees typically render their decision in under three weeks, it is important that proposals are submitted with sufficient time prior to project start dates to avoid timing issues. Though off-cycle proposals may be submitted in conversation with Jim Lies, review committees cannot guarantee turnaround times outside of the defined grant cycles.

Internal Faculty Grants

For all Notre Dame faculty

Beyond the Classroom Grant

The level of Institute support will not exceed $3,000.

Payment arrangements for Beyond the Classroom Grants will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Instructions will be provided in an award letter. For small requests (e.g. bus trips to Chicago, ticket purchases), payments will be handled either directly or via an expense report.

Faculty-Led Student Trip Grant

This program provides funding for faculty-led student trips and seminars in Europe. Three or four grants of up to $30,000 will be made each year, with one set aside for graduate student groups pending interest. 

Such trips are typically site-specific opportunities for immersive European studies. Trips are typically short-term (5-7 days), and may (but need not) connect to a course. They might take place during fall, winter, or spring break; or sometime in the summer. At this time, we are only accepting proposals for the 2024-25 and 2025-26 academic years.

Please note that Notre Dame International provides health and safety resources for faculty and students. Undergraduate students traveling abroad are required to register their travel via the NDI Travel Registry. Learn More

For Nanovic Faculty Fellows*

Conference and Workshop Support/Sponsorship Grant

The maximum contribution for a Conference and Workshop Support Grant will be $5,000. If the request comes from a Fellow in Arts and Letters, s/he will need to provide the budget from Academic Conferences at ISLA. For symposia outside of the Office of Academic Conferences, the Institute can either make payments for specific expenses (e.g. flights from Anthony Travel) or provide reimbursements after the fact for expenses indicated by receipt or invoice. Payment instructions will be provided in an award letter.

If seeking a major co-sponsor of a conference or workshop, the Institute will consider a Conference and Workshop Sponsorship Grant, funding contributions in excess of $5,000. Please note that proposals for conference or workshop sponsorship that are received fewer than six months in advance of the event dates may not be considered for funding.

Individual Grant for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work

The maximum contribution will be $10,000 for proposed initiatives in Europe and $5,000 for those that take place in North America. Faculty must also make use of their Research and Professional Development accounts and/or other funds available to them for research or creative activity.

The Institute can either make payments for specific expenses (e.g. flights from Anthony Travel) or provide reimbursements after the fact for expenses indicated by receipt or invoice.

Publication Grant

This grant provides support of up to $5,000, covering costs such as subventions, copyediting, indexing, translations.

Notes on translation support:

  • Priority will be given to support the costs associated with the translation of an existing Faculty Fellow publication from English into another language.
  • The translation grant cannot be paid to a Fellow for translations they will personally do.
Research Cluster Grant

The Research Cluster Grant program provides annual funding of up to $7,500 to support multi-disciplinary faculty projects that advance outstanding research, scholarship, or creative endeavor in European studies around an identified theme. At this time, only themes that speak explicitly to the Nanovic research priorities will be considered.

While faculty are required to define a theme at the proposal stage, the program is structured to provide flexibility and autonomy for the project’s participants so that they can identify and shape the outcomes and outputs after the grant has been awarded.

Based on annual reports, funding may be renewable for up to three consecutive years. Projects should lead to a significant outcome within the grant period. Learn More

Speaker Support Grant

The maximum contribution will be $3,000 for speakers traveling from Europe and $2,500 for those traveling within Europe (e.g. to Global Gateways) or to South Bend from locations in the United States. Honoraria shall not exceed $250 (class visit), $500 (class visit and public lecture), or $750 (more extensive visit). Grants for honoraria in excess of these guidelines will be rare and require additional justification.

As in the case of research/creative grants, the Institute can either make direct payments for specific expenses (e.g. flights from Anthony Travel) or provide reimbursements after the fact for expenses indicated by receipt or invoice.

*If multiple faculty members submit a grant proposal together, at least one must be an active Nanovic Fellow.

2023-24 Academic Year Deadlines

  • Tuesday, September 12, 2023
  • Tuesday, November 7, 2023
  • Tuesday, March 5, 2024

External Faculty Grants

Nanovic Faculty Fellows interested in pursuing external grant opportunities with the support of the Nanovic Institute should contact Senior Associate Director Grant Osborn.