Research Cluster

The Research Cluster Grant program provides annual funding of up to $7,500 to support multi-disciplinary multi-faculty projects that advance outstanding research, scholarship, or creative endeavor in European studies around an identified theme.
While principal investigators (PIs), the core leaders of the group, are required to define a theme or topic at the proposal stage, the program is structured to provide flexibility and autonomy for the project’s participants so that they can identify and shape the outcomes and outputs after the grant has been awarded.
Based on annual reports, funding may be renewable for up to two additional years. Projects should lead to a significant outcome within the grant period.


This program supports interdisciplinary collaborations of high quality, strategic promise, and great potential for outcomes and outputs relevant to European Studies.
The key priorities are:

  • Interdisciplinary excellence. One of the main aims of the research cluster grants is to foster collaborative projects with shared value across disciplinary and departmental boundaries, bringing diverse methods and perspectives into dialogue.
  • Mission fit. The themes of the identified projects should align with the mission, goals, and priorities of the Nanovic Institute, the Keough School of Global Affairs, and support the University’s mission. This includes proposals from the Institute's longstanding strength in the humanities and arts as well as proposals focused on contemporary European policy and practice.
  • Cooperation with other institutes, centers, and departments. In some cases, it may be possible to combine this funding with resources from other institutes, centers, and departments, e.g., Kellogg. 
  • Advancing outcomes and outputs. As the anticipated outcomes and outputs might not be fully shaped or identified at the time of the proposal, the committee will consider the ability of the faculty PIs to carry out the proposed project based on past record and/or future promise.


Proposals must have multiple (at least two) principal investigators (PIs) who are regular faculty at Notre Dame. At least two of the PIs must hold primary appointments in different departments or units.

Proposals should be submitted at least six weeks in advance of the planned start date for the research clusters.


The Institute recognizes that due to the very design of the Research Cluster Grant program, budget allocations are bound to change. With that in mind, a finalized budget is not required at the time a proposal is submitted. However, a preliminary budget sketch is requested at the proposal stage; after a grant is awarded, a final budget must be submitted to and approved by the Nanovic Institute before any expenditures are made. All expenditures must have a clear connection to the approved proposal.  
As with all of our faculty grants, the Institute will not make direct, lump-sum transfers of funds. Grant payments generally take the form of reimbursements in response to expense reports or the direct payment of invoices. Please use Anthony Travel for all travel booking (as a FOAPAL can be billed) and any of the on-campus or near-campus hotels that can use a FOAPAL or bill the Institute directly. All speaker incidentals must be submitted for reimbursement via expense report accompanied by receipts. Please ensure that speakers have obtained any necessary visas and completed all required paperwork for receiving honoraria.
Project expenses may include, among other expenditures, travel and reasonable honoraria for invited speakers, photocopying of materials for circulation in advance of meetings, light refreshments, and other operating expenses. Funds may NOT be used for faculty salaries or honoraria for Notre Dame faculty members. Honoraria for visiting speakers should typically be $250 for junior faculty and $500 for senior faculty. Any intention to exceed these limits should be pre-approved and accompanied by a clearly articulated rationale.
After an award is made, please direct financial questions to Melanie Webb, associate director, by email at

Proposal Format

Each proposal must include the following items:

  • Names, affiliations, and contact information of all faculty principal investigators (PIs).
  • Proposal Title and designation as a Research Cluster Grant proposal.
  • Abstract of the proposed project (limit to 250 words).
  • Description of the proposed project (three pages maximum), discussing the identified theme and shared value of the research cluster.
  • Sketch of expected budget.
  • Current and pending grant support, including any other funds available for the project as well as internal grants applied for and/or secured for the project.
  • Curriculum vitae of each faculty member listed on the cover sheet as a principal investigator. CVs of other participants may be included as appropriate. If postdocs, graduate students, and/or undergraduates are included in the project as collaborators, please describe their qualifications.


For consideration, applicants must submit the requested information and upload the appropriate proposal documents online via the Nanovic Institute’s Faculty Request Portal.

Acceptance Conditions

Acknowledge, as appropriate, the Nanovic Institute for European Studies in any publications, event materials, or other outputs that arise from the research cluster.
Conform to payment and travel guidelines. Payment and expenditure guidelines are outlined in the Budget section. Should any financial questions arise, please contact Melanie Webb, associate director, at If the project includes international travel, the participants are instructed to use Anthony Travel for flight reservations and to fill out the ND travel registration for safety.
Submit an end-of-year report. All awardees are required to complete a short final report using an Institute-provided template. Failure to submit a report will result in the ineligibility of the faculty to request grant funding in future years.


Questions should be directed to Grant Osborn, senior associate director, at