Research Priorities

As one of the core academic units of the Keough School of Global Affairs, the Nanovic Institute is poised to make significant contributions to a deeper understanding of integral human development and to the intersection of humanities and policy.

Such contributions will continue to come from its unique set of strengths. With deep expertise in history, theology, philosophy, political science, the fine arts, and many of the European languages and cultures (to name just a few of our partnering departments), the institute and its faculty fellows offer rich perspectives of historical, ethical, religious and aesthetic dimensions of Europe. These perspectives contribute to a deep understanding of Europe and to the discussion of policy in Europe today.

The institute has identified core research priorities that have and will continue to shape Europe in profound ways. The institute encourages faculty and students to bring their training in the humanities, arts, sciences, or social sciences to bear on questions and topics that are of particular interest to the Nanovic Institute:

Big Questions about Europe and Humanity

How do we engage major moral challenges, such as sustainability, migration, the war in Ukraine, and resilient democracies?

Human Dignity

What does it mean to respect the dignity of each person, especially the most disadvantaged?


How do we enlarge the map to encompass the lived experience of all people in Europe, including those marginalized by geography, poverty, policies of citizenship, and difference?

Memory and Remembering

What are the politics and ethics of memory and representation in contemporary Europe?

Faith and Religion in Europe

How has religion shaped European history, the relationship between church and state, and contemporary society?

These core research priorities give a sense of the Institute’s long-term research portfolio. The above topics and questions are not intended to be exhaustive, nor are they intended to preclude other areas of research. The institute also recognizes and values the ways in which new research priorities emerge in ways that nuance the five areas outlined above. In this spirit, the institute extends a broad welcome to research topics and projects that articulate a clear connection to European studies.

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