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The Nanovic Institute, with its tradition of research in the humanities and continuing interest in the intersection between humanities and policy, is particularly interested in analyses of and responses to “big questions” about Europe.

These fundamental questions pose major moral challenges with implications for

  • European identities and values,
  • Politics and society, and
  • The history and future shared by European nations and peoples.

Since European issues are global and human issues, these “big questions” also have implications for the world and humanity. These may include normative and spiritual traditions in Europe, European colonialism and its legacies, racism and inequality, migration and the ethics of borders, ecological responsibility, and the climate crisis, resilient democracies, issues of intergenerational justice and poverty, the arts and storytelling, and an understanding of the common good. We welcome research on these “big questions” from many different perspectives and disciplines.

Decolonizing Scholarship

Beginning in the spring 2023 semester, the Decolonizing Scholarship lecture series brought scholars at the top of their fields in a variety of disciplines, from theology to Francophone studies to literature and more, to Notre Dame to share how to reconsider these areas of scholarship from a different perspective. The guest lecturers brought new ideas and perspectives on the project of reconceptualizing their disciplines in ways that break away from and challenge the legacies of colonialism.

These questions are important and difficult, and these preeminent scholars brought fascinating and challenging insights to Notre Dame’s scholarly community.

All lectures in this series can be found on our YouTube channel; Q&As with the scholars and event briefs of their lectures can be found on the Europe in the World blog.

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Will you join the conversation?

If you are investigating any big questions that might have implications for Europe, and by extension, the world, you are invited to join with the Nanovic Institute. Depending on whether you are a student or faculty member, our process differs, but to get involved, please click the button below to let us know through a brief (five-minute) form.

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