Effective Budgeting

A reasonable and effective budget is essential to a successful grant application. Effective budgets demonstrate financial prudence and an understanding of what the Institute’s grant funding covers. Students are required to use the Institute’s budget template when completing their grant application.

Nanovic undergraduate and graduate research and internship funding covers:

  • Flights: note when budgeting for flight costs that grant decisions are made within 2 - 3 weeks after submission. Flight costs will likely increase after the application has been submitted. Students are encouraged to budget accordingly. On occasion, students may be required to purchase their flights through Anthony Travel for greater flexibility and security. Students will be notified of this requirement in the grant award letter if applicable.
  • Essential ground transportation: travel to and from a residence/airport, travel to and from internship or research sites. This funding does not include leisure trips and may not be used toward the payment on a rental car.
  • Lodging: students are encouraged to find reasonable and safe accommodations for the duration of their research project or internship. Additional time in-country must be covered at the students’ expense.
  • Research expenses: funding can be used toward archival or site access fees and other essential research-costs. Nanovic grant funding cannot be used toward the purchase of materials or equipment.
  • Health insurance: all Notre Dame undergraduate students on Notre Dame-sponsored international travel are required to enroll in the university international medical assistance and insurance plan with GeoBlue Insurance. The cost is $13 - 14 per-week and should be included in the budget.

Budget submission, review, and follow up: 

When completing their budget, students should provide direct links to the source of estimated costs. Students are encouraged to review their budget with the Director of Undergraduate Studies Abby Lewis. Budgets will be carefully reviewed and may be scrubbed to reduce non-essential expenses. Upon return, students will be expected to complete the NI budget template with their actual expenses (to the best of their ability) and include this document in their post-trip report. Expenses not approved in the original grant are the student’s responsibility and any unused grant funds must be returned to the Institute.

Cost-sharing: If a student is applying to multiple funding units on campus, or if the total funding request exceeds the maximum award amount, the Nanovic Institute may decide to cost-share the total award amount with other institutes and centers. Students must indicate all additional funding requests being made for their project in the budget.