Internship Grant Proposals

Writing an Internship Grant Proposal

An internship or service-project grant proposal must demonstrate that the proposed work fits within the mission and goals of the Nanovic Institute and that the student is well prepared to complete the proposed work or project.

Internship and service proposals typically follow this structure:

  1. Explanation and rationale
    The proposal should clearly explain what the internship or service work will entail and how the work is connected to European studies, i.e. what broader questions/issues is the work engaging? The Institute will not support internships or service projects just because they take place in Europe.
  2. Details and logistics
    The internship description should include details about the employing organization, the position obtained, the primary duties involved (if known), the time period of service/work, and supervisory structure.
  3. Experience and future goals
    Students should detail relevant academic and professional experiences. If the project is being conducted in a second language, students should list all applicable language courses and/or experience in the language. Students should conclude their proposals by explaining how this opportunity will advance their academic or career goals.

In addition to the 2-3 page internship or service project proposal, students are required to submit placement documentation including materials from the employing organization that confirm its acceptance of the student as an intern or volunteer. If the internship or volunteer arrangement has not been made official before the application deadline, students may note this in their application and the Institute may issue an award letter contingent on proof of placement documentation.

Sample Internship Proposals