Barrett Prize

The best application in any given academic year will be awarded a special named grant, the R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant for Best Undergraduate Research Proposal. This competitive prize carries a $500 award.

Other named grants that may be awarded to particularly strong applications include:

  • The Snider Family Endowment for Excellence in European Studies
  • The Katie Murphy McMahon Grant for Russian and East-Central European Studies
  • The Dr. Charles C. Price Memorial Fund for East-Central European Studies.

Previous Barrett Prize Winners

  1. Shea Murphy 2021


    Shea Murphy

    "The Role of Women in the 20th Century Irish Struggle for Independence: A Study of the Relationship Between the Irish Suffrage Movement and the Involvement of Women in the 1916 Easter Rising"

    2021 | Majors in History and Film, Television and Theatre

  2. Caroline Elser 2020


    Caroline Elser

    "The First World War and the Experience of Soldiers at the Somme, 1916"

    2020 | Major in History

  3. Alison O Neil 2019


    Alison O'Neil

    "Cold War Counterinsurgencies: Britain's Small-War Strategy and Decolonization in Malaya and Kenya"

    2019 | Major in History and Political Science

  4. Adam Kulam 2018


    Adam Kulam

    "The Effects of Financial Law on Iceland's Public Risk Preferences"

    2018 | Major in Economics

  5. Ivan Carballude 2017


    Ivan Carballude

    "Golden Frontier: How the Portuguese Empire Used Indigenous Knowledge to Unlock the Riches of Minas Gerais"

    2017 | Major in History and Economics

  6. Leslie Omeeboh 2016


    Leslie Omeeboh

    "British Colonialism: Legacy and Development of Healthcare in British Colonies"

    2016 | Majors in Neuroscience & Behavior, Arts & Letters Pre-Professional Studies, and French & Francophone Studies

  7. Caitlin O Connor 2015


    Caitlin O'Connor

    "Tradition, Innovation, and Critique: Visual Representation of World War I in Britain"

    2015 | Major in History and Economics

  8. Curran Cross 2014


    Curran Cross

    "What is Whiteness? Race in 19th Century France"

    2014 | Majors in French and History

  9. Thomas Graff V2 2013


    Thomas Graff

    "Newman and Wittgenstein: Reflections on Certitude"

    2013 | Majors in Philosophy and Theology and Italian

  10. Philip Lettieri 2012


    Philip Lettieri

    "Epidemiological Archaeology in Ireland and Its Implications for Public Health Solutions Abroad"

    2012 | Majors in Biological Sciences and Anthropology

  11. Mark Kettler 2011


    Mark Kettler

    "German National Defense Politics and Catholics in the Second Reich"

    2011 | Major in History

  12. Javi Zubizarreta Northern Ireland 2010

    Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Spain

    Javi Zubizarreta

    "The Basque and Irish Troubles in Film: Establishing a Connection and Career"

    2010 | Major in Film, Television and Theatre

  13. Monika Grzesiak 2009

    Germany and Switzerland

    Monika Grzesiak

    "The Censored Playwright: An Investigation into the Motives of Frank Wedekind and the Reactions of His Critics"

    2009 | Majors in English and German

  14. John Hennessey 2008


    John Hennessey

    "The Struggle to Define Empire in Colonial French Indochina, 1940-1945"

    2008 | Majors in History and French

  15. Michael Redding 2007


    Michael Redding

    "From Subjugation to Sovereignty: The Judicial Development of Women’s Rights in Ireland, 1970-1976"

    2007 | Majors in Political Science and Philosophy

  16. Stacey Vanderhurst 2006


    Stacey Vanderhurst

    "Ethnic and Social Divisions Among Asylum Seekers in Ireland"

    2006 | Major in Anthropology with a supplemental major in Peace Studies

  17. Sara Urben 2005


    Sara Urben

    "Spanish Women and Their Evolving Role in France's Falange Party"

    2005 | Major in History

  18. Paul Cruicshank 2004


    Paul Cruickshank

    "The Mandate for Health and the Dilemma of Professionalization: Britain and the Development of Tropical Medicine, 1895-1914"

    2004 | Majors in Pre-Professional (Pre-Medical) Studies and History