Barrett Prize

The best research project in any given academic year will be awarded a special named grant, the R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant for Best Undergraduate Research Project. To be considered, the student will need to present their research beyond the post-trip report. This includes but is not limited to:

  • presenting at the Nanovic undergraduate conference;
  • writing a blog post or article for the Nanovic website;
  • creating a photo essay, podcast, or infographic; or
  • any other form of public output.

This competitive prize carries a $500 award.

Other named grants that may be awarded to particularly strong applications include:

  • The Snider Family Endowment for Excellence in European Studies

  • The Katie Murphy McMahon Grant for Russian and East-Central European Studies

  • The Dr. Charles C. Price Memorial Fund for East-Central European Studies.

Previous Barrett Prize Winners

  1. Elizabeth Bernath


    Elizabeth Bernath

    Wunderkrammers and the Curiosity of Victorian-Era British Museums

    2023 | Majors in Political Science and History and Minor in Portuguese Language and Culture

  2. Eoghan Fay


    Eoghɑn Fɑy

    "Who can spy on the spies?" Irish Counterintelligence in the Second World War and the Nature of Neutrality.

    2022 | Major in History with minors in German, Italian, and European Studies

  3. Shea Murphy 2021


    Shea Murphy

    "The Role of Women in the 20th Century Irish Struggle for Independence: A Study of the Relationship Between the Irish Suffrage Movement and the Involvement of Women in the 1916 Easter Rising"

    2021 | Majors in History and Film, Television and Theatre

  4. Caroline Elser 2020


    Caroline Elser

    "The First World War and the Experience of Soldiers at the Somme, 1916"

    2020 | Major in History

  5. Alison O Neil 2019


    Alison O'Neil

    "Cold War Counterinsurgencies: Britain's Small-War Strategy and Decolonization in Malaya and Kenya"

    2019 | Major in History and Political Science

  6. Adam Kulam 2018


    Adam Kulam

    "The Effects of Financial Law on Iceland's Public Risk Preferences"

    2018 | Major in Economics

  7. Ivan Carballude 2017


    Ivan Carballude

    "Golden Frontier: How the Portuguese Empire Used Indigenous Knowledge to Unlock the Riches of Minas Gerais"

    2017 | Major in History and Economics

  8. Leslie Omeeboh 2016


    Leslie Omeeboh

    "British Colonialism: Legacy and Development of Healthcare in British Colonies"

    2016 | Majors in Neuroscience & Behavior, Arts & Letters Pre-Professional Studies, and French & Francophone Studies

  9. Caitlin O Connor 2015


    Caitlin O'Connor

    "Tradition, Innovation, and Critique: Visual Representation of World War I in Britain"

    2015 | Major in History and Economics

  10. Curran Cross 2014


    Curran Cross

    "What is Whiteness? Race in 19th Century France"

    2014 | Majors in French and History

  11. Thomas Graff V2 2013


    Thomas Graff

    "Newman and Wittgenstein: Reflections on Certitude"

    2013 | Majors in Philosophy and Theology and Italian

  12. Philip Lettieri 2012


    Philip Lettieri

    "Epidemiological Archaeology in Ireland and Its Implications for Public Health Solutions Abroad"

    2012 | Majors in Biological Sciences and Anthropology

  13. Mark Kettler 2011


    Mark Kettler

    "German National Defense Politics and Catholics in the Second Reich"

    2011 | Major in History

  14. Javi Zubizarreta Northern Ireland 2010

    Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Spain

    Javi Zubizarreta

    "The Basque and Irish Troubles in Film: Establishing a Connection and Career"

    2010 | Major in Film, Television and Theatre

  15. Monika Grzesiak 2009

    Germany and Switzerland

    Monika Grzesiak

    "The Censored Playwright: An Investigation into the Motives of Frank Wedekind and the Reactions of His Critics"

    2009 | Majors in English and German

  16. John Hennessey 2008


    John Hennessey

    "The Struggle to Define Empire in Colonial French Indochina, 1940-1945"

    2008 | Majors in History and French

  17. Michael Redding 2007


    Michael Redding

    "From Subjugation to Sovereignty: The Judicial Development of Women’s Rights in Ireland, 1970-1976"

    2007 | Majors in Political Science and Philosophy

  18. Stacey Vanderhurst 2006


    Stacey Vanderhurst

    "Ethnic and Social Divisions Among Asylum Seekers in Ireland"

    2006 | Major in Anthropology with a supplemental major in Peace Studies

  19. Sara Urben 2005


    Sara Urben

    "Spanish Women and Their Evolving Role in France's Falange Party"

    2005 | Major in History