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The Institute currently offers a comprehensive suite of grant programs designed to support students at every stage of their academic careers, from their first year of study as an undergraduate to their last year of completing their dissertations. It also has a robust and developing set of grant programs for visiting scholars and faculty-led initiatives.

A Nanovic grant can have a demonstrable, transformative impact on a student’s future. Past recipients have changed the course of their studies, been awarded prestigious external prizes and fellowships (Fulbright, et al), and gained entrance to top-rated graduate schools and places of employment. Undergraduates have published  Nanovic-sponsored research in peer-reviewed academic journals. Graduate students have made exciting and significant discoveries in European archives and presented their findings to international audiences. Whether it be through the experience of independent research, professional internship, conference presentation, or international service, all students return to Notre Dame profoundly shaped by their encounters with Europe.

If you are a student and interested in discussing possible options, please contact:

Chris Stump
Student Coordinator 

The Institute seeks to be no less transformative with its funding for faculty-led initiatives. Nanovic Fellows are eligible for individual travel and research funds. Fellows may form discussion or working research groups. Full-time faculty in European studies can be awarded funding for international collaborative projects, sponsored symposia and visiting speakers, and, most notably, student seminars in Europe.

For more information about faculty grants, please contact the Associate Director, Anthony Monta, at

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