The War in Ukraine: Information and resources

One of our charges as Notre Dame's connection to Europe and Europe's connection to Notre Dame is to provide a platform for reliable information and resources on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Much of what we can share comes to us from friends and colleagues in Ukraine. The Nanovic Institute has many close ties to Ukraine, particularly with the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) through our Catholic Universities Partnership. To the right you may find links to statements from university officials and below, we offer a link to UCU's news page, which includes the latest updates as they occur.

Updates from Ukrainian Catholic University

In today's world of online communications and social media, finding reliable information can be a challenge, particularly regarding globally relevant conflicts like the war in Ukraine. Political motivations can sometimes cloud factual information, especially as the news media in the United States has seemed to largely "move on" from Ukraine, not covering it nearly as closely as in the early days of the conflict.

To help all of us navigate this information puzzle and spread factual details directly from Ukrainian voices, we established this page as a hub of details and direction to our partner UCU's latest updates.

About Ukrainian Catholic University

Opening its doors in 2002, Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) was the successor organization to Lviv Theological Academy, which was itself established in 1994 upon the foundations of a tradition of Greek Catholic scholarship dating back to 1929. UCU holds the distinction of being the first Catholic University to be founded on post-Soviet territory. Today it offers a rich offering of courses and degree programs and has a reputation as one of the best centers of higher education in Ukraine.

Long before the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, UCU has been a partner with Notre Dame, largely facilitated through the Nanovic Institute for European Studies. This partnership includes visiting scholar appointments, exchange student programs, and joint research. Today, that partnership continues in a different way, as we join UCU faculty, staff, and students in solidarity as they defend their nation.

Recent Nanovic Institute Videos on Ukraine

All videos we release that relate to Ukraine will be added to this YouTube playlist. It is organized so that the most recent videos will be shown first.

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Statement by Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.

Statement by Scott Appleby, Dean of the Keough School of Global Affairs

Notre Dame International: Solidarity with Ukraine Information and Resources


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The last several Nanovic Forum events have centered on Ukraine. They have featured key leaders, who discussed the invasion itself as well as its implications for Europe broadly.

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