Film Series

All films will be screened at 7:00 p.m. in the Browning Cinema of the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. 
For tickets, contact 574-631-2800 or visit


February 14, 2019


Directed by Fatih Akin
106 minutes | Germany | 2017
Rated R

Introduced by Nanovic Fellow Olivier Morel, Joint Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures & Film, Television, and Theatre.

After the death of her family in a terrorist attack, Katja’s life falls apart. Her friends and extended family try to give her the support she needs, and Katja somehow manages to make it through the funeral. But the mind-numbing search for the perpetrators and reasons behind the senseless killing complicate Katja’s painful mourning, opening wounds and doubts. Katja struggles as she endures the trial against the two suspects: a young couple from the neo-Nazi scene. The trial pushes Katja to the edge and there’s simply no alternative for her: she wants justice.


March 7, 2019


Directed by Ulrich Köhler
120 minutes | 2018 | Germany
Not Rated

Steffen Kaupp, Assistant Teaching Professor of German and Executive Director, Notre Dame Berlin Summer Programs, will introduce the film.

Lost in life and beset by a recent passing, Armin has nowhere to go and just as much to show for himself. Fate (or something like it) intervenes when Armin awakes one morning and discovers that seemingly all of humanity has disappeared, leaving him to his limited devices and opening the door for self-discovery — but the gift of maximum freedom bears complications.


April 4, 2019


Directed by Hlynur Pálmason
94 minutes | Denmark & Iceland
Not Rated

A brother odyssey set in a rural chalk-mining community during a cold winter. We follow two brothers working in this harsh environment focusing on the younger brother Emil, who distills moonshine made from stolen chemicals from the factory. Emil is an outsider, an oddball, who made a conscious choice for loneliness and is only accepted by the mining community due to his older brother Johan. Emil longs for passion, for being wanted and loved.

When a fellow worker becomes sick, the moonshine and Emil are prime suspects. Gradually a violent feud erupts between him and the tightly-knit mining community.  Emil feels betrayed by his brother when he finds out that the neighbor girl Anna, the subject of his unfulfilled desires, chooses his older brother instead of him. Revenge, loneliness, and lack of love pervade this modern brother odyssey.

Ni Films Spring19 4

April 25, 2019


Directed by Christian Petzold
101 minutes | Germany & France
Not Rated

Official Selection - 2018 Berlin Film Festival 

In Christian Petzold’s brilliant and haunting modern-day adaptation of Anna Seghers’s 1942 novel, Transit Visa, Georg, a German refugee, flees to Marseilles assuming the identity of a recently deceased writer whose papers he is carrying. There he delves into the delicate and complex culture of the refugee community, becoming enmeshed in the lives of a young mother and son and falling for a mysterious woman named Marie.