Conference - "Dignity & Development: Advancing Justice and Rights through Courts, Restoration, and Politics"

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Location: Keough School of Global Affairs (View on map )

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A conference for global leaders, scholars, practitioners, and policy experts to share innovative proposals for advancing integral human development.

Program and further information to be announced soon.

How can the human community respond to acts of trauma and injustice committed by those in power?

What are the roles of:

  • International courts and other legal mechanisms?
  • Restorative initiatives focused on health, healing, and well-being?
  • Politics on the international stage?

Join us as we explore diverse approaches to supporting dignity and integral human development, especially where injustices—both historical and ongoing—cause harm and humiliation. Hear insights from global experts. Learn about approaches that seek to transform traumatized individuals and peoples, bolster institutions, and check the illegitimate uses of state power.