Virtual Panel on the Future of East European Studies


Location: Online

Lviv Ucu

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On February 24, Ukraine became a target of Russia’s military aggression. This war, the largest in Europe since the Second World War, broke out with unimaginable atrocities, suffering, large-scale migration, but also resilience, heroism, witnesses to faith and freedom, and martyrdom.

In the midst of the chaos and heartbreaking human suffering, this panel will focus on the challenges that now face the field of East European studies, with respect to Ukrainian and Russian studies in particular. For many years, scholars in this field have been re-examining its identity and raison d’etre. By what principles should scholars of East European studies abide if they intend to do justice to the present reality? What place should the study of Ukraine be allotted within East European studies in order to understand that country on its own terms? What lessons should scholars of Russian studies learn and communicate to their students in the context of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine? How can a peaceful future for the region be conceived and attained? 

This panel will consider these questions. The speakers will reflect upon the new challenges and opportunities for their own particular areas of expertise—the humanities, history, the social sciences, religious studies, and Ukrainian studies—and consider the principles that could guide a new approach.


  • Yury P. Avvakumov

    Yury P. Avvakumov
    Associate Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame

  • Semion Lyandres

    Semion Lyandres
    Professor of History, University of Notre Dame

  • Olenka Pevny

    Olenka Pevny
    University Lecturer in Early Modern Slavonic Culture and History, University of Cambridge

  • Iryna Starovoyt

    Iryna Starovoyt
    Poet, Essayist, and Associate Professor of Cultural Studies, Ukrainian Catholic University

  • Andrzej W. Tymoswski

    Andrzej W. Tymoswski
    Senior Adviser for International Programs, American Council of Learned Societies


  • Clemens Sedmak

    Clemens Sedmak
    Director, Nanovic Institute for European Studies and Professor of Social Ethics, University of Notre Dame