Conference: "Hope in the Future" Catholic Universities Partnership

(part of a series)

Location: Catholic University of Croatia, Zagreb

Nothing is more important for a country’s future than the rising generation of young citizens who will lead it. University education plays an essential role in molding the characteristics of this generation. Catholic universities, in particular, have the opportunity to shape the hearts and minds of these young people—to provide them with the right values and attitudes in moving their countries forward. The Catholic University of Croatia’s conference on HOPE IN THE FUTURE: THE EXPERIENCES OF YOUTH UNDER COMMUNISM, THE TRANSITION TO DEMOCRACY, AND THE PRESENT will be a unique forum. Bringing together scholars from the leading Catholic universities of post-communist Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, and Georgia, as the University of Notre Dame (USA), it will provide them with the opportunity to reflect upon the challenges they share in common. It will also enable these university leaders to decide how they can work together to live up to their crucial missions.

Visit the conference website to read more about participants and abstracts.  


A Croatian television network filmed the opening of the conference and interviewed participants including A. James McAdams, director of the Nanovic Institute.

The conference was organized by the Catholic University of Croatia in Zagreb and the Nanovic Institute for European Studies through the Catholic Universities Partnership.