Media Mentions


  1. Human Rights Reparations and Fact-Finding Quandaries in the 2024 ICJ Judgments in Ukraine v. Russian Federation

    Diane Desierto writes on the ICJ's decisions in recent cases between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

  2. Is AI art sacrilegious?

    Robin M. Jensen gives an interview to discuss whether AI art is sacrilegious.

  3. Review of Impermanent Blackness: The Making and Unmaking of Interracial Literary Culture in Modern America

    Matthew Teutsch reviews Korey Garibaldi's "Impermanent Blackness: The Making and Unmaking of Interracial Literary Culture in Modern America."

  4. My Objects of Desire: Poet and artist Julie Morrissy on her most prized possessions

    Julie Morrissy mentioned Korey Garibaldi's book "Impermanent Blackness: The Making and Unmaking of Interracial Literary Culture in Modern America" as one of the best two books she's read this year.

  5. 'Amon Banwa sa Lawud' is Best International Feature Film

    Anton Juan's film has been named "Best International Feature Film" at the Louth International Film Festival.

  6. Russia Splatters The Environment, Leaving Its Own Country A Mess

    Susanne Wengle, professor of political science is quoted: “It is holding on to power tooth and nail. It is fighting a costly war. No one knows why the Russian government does anything, but it now has an economy centered on the war effort. It is not considering climate change and carbon reductions in 2030 or 2050.”

  7. After Two Years of War, Ukraine Sees Deepening Environmental Wound

    Debra Javelin is quoted in this article: “The humanitarian disaster is of the utmost importance — the number of deaths and structures that were destroyed — but the collateral damage is intense destruction to the atmosphere.”

  8. The Eucharist and Human Dignity

    Clemens Sedmak writes for Church Life Journal from an essay first delivered as the first lecture in the "The Only Solution is Love: The Eucharist and Catholic Social Teaching" series hosted by Michael Baxter for the McGrath Institute for Church Life.

  9. SPEECH AND CENSORSHIP #5: Michael Zuckert on James Madison’s “Report of 1800”

    Michael Zuckert joins the Enduring Interest podcast.

  10. Book review: Christ the Logos of Creation: An essay in analogical metaphysics John R. Betz

    John Betz's book is reviewed in Church Times.

  11. Book review: Integral Human Development: Catholic Social Teaching and the capability approach, edited by Séverine Deneulin and Clemens Sedmak

    The Church Times reviews Clemens Sedmak's latest book "Integral Human Development: Catholic Social Teaching and the capability approach."

  12. Notre Dame President Fr. Jenkins visits Pope Francis

    Notre Dame President Rev. John I Jenkins, C.S.C., and President-Elect Robert A. Dowd, C.S.C., met with Pope Francis.

  13. Two Notre Dame music professors nominated for Sunday's Grammy awards

    Professor of the practice piano Daniel Schlosberg is up for Best Classical Solo Vocal Album and associate professor of the practice for voice Stephen Lancaster is part of an ensemble nominated for Best Choral Performance.

  14. Notre Dame awards world’s largest architectural prize to Peter Pennoyer

    Peter Pennoyer was awarded by the School of Architecture and praised by Nanovic Faculty Fellow Michael Lykoudis, professor of architecture.

  15. From the Archives: The history of Junior Parents Weekend at Notre Dame

    The Notre Dame Observer shares the history of Junior Parents Weekend and quotes Fr. Jim Lies.

  16. Giving It a Whirl

    Notre Dame Magazine wrote an article on Céilís, including perspectives from Sarah McKibben, professor of Irish literature and chair of the department.

  17. Notre Dame President Fr. Jenkins awarded keys to South Bend, Mishawaka

    Notre Dame President Rev. John I Jenkins, C.S.C., received keys to the city for South Bend and Mishawaka. His upcoming successor Rev. Robert A. Dowd, C.S.C., was also mentioned in the article.

  18. Antitrust and Algorithms: Congress Wades into the Debate

    Roger Alford, professor of law, University of Notre Dame Law School, served as an expert witness.

  19. Civic Poetry and the Decembrist Revolt: Pushkin, Virtue Signaling, and Liberal Vibes

    Emily Wang, assistant professor of Russian at the University of Notre Dame, wrote an article on Alexander Pushkin for the NYU Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia.

  20. As the cost of diesel fuel falls, will it lower the prices of other goods?

    WSBT also spoke with Notre Dame Economics Professor Thomas Gresik who agrees diesel prices impact inflation due to high transportation demands.