Media Mentions


  1. The World’s 9 Most Beautiful Boarding Schools

    David T. Mayernik, associate professor of architecture and a Nanovic Institute faculty fellow, has been working on the design of the TASIS Switzerland campus design for 28 years. It was recently recognized as one of the nine most beautiful boarding schools in the world by Architectural Digest.

  2. From the Archives: The history of Junior Parents Weekend at Notre Dame

    The Notre Dame Observer shares the history of Junior Parents Weekend and quotes Fr. Jim Lies.

  3. Notre Dame awards world’s largest architectural prize to Peter Pennoyer

    Peter Pennoyer was awarded by the School of Architecture and praised by Nanovic Faculty Fellow Michael Lykoudis, professor of architecture.

  4. Giving It a Whirl

    Notre Dame Magazine wrote an article on Céilís, including perspectives from Sarah McKibben, professor of Irish literature and chair of the department.

  5. Notre Dame President Fr. Jenkins awarded keys to South Bend, Mishawaka

    Notre Dame President Rev. John I Jenkins, C.S.C., received keys to the city for South Bend and Mishawaka. His upcoming successor Rev. Robert A. Dowd, C.S.C., was also mentioned in the article.

  6. Antitrust and Algorithms: Congress Wades into the Debate

    Roger Alford, professor of law, University of Notre Dame Law School, served as an expert witness.

  7. Civic Poetry and the Decembrist Revolt: Pushkin, Virtue Signaling, and Liberal Vibes

    Emily Wang, assistant professor of Russian at the University of Notre Dame, wrote an article on Alexander Pushkin for the NYU Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia.

  8. As the cost of diesel fuel falls, will it lower the prices of other goods?

    WSBT also spoke with Notre Dame Economics Professor Thomas Gresik who agrees diesel prices impact inflation due to high transportation demands.

  9. University of Notre Dame names new president

    Rev. Robert A. Dowd will be the next president of the University of Notre Dame. University officials on Monday announced the Notre Dame Board of Trustees’ selection of Dowd as the institution’s 18th president, succeeding current President John Jenkins. We get perspective on the selection process from Inside INdiana Business northern Indiana Reporter Carley Lanich.

  10. Lesson Plan: World War II Battle of the Atlantic

    University of Notre Dame military history professor Ian Ona Johnson provides the key questions for his lecture on the contest for control of Atlantic sea routes during World War II.

  11. War Destroying Ukraine's Cultural Heritage at Scale 'Not Seen Since WWII'

    Newsweek interviewed Ian Kuijt, professor of anthropology on the survey he participated in to document damage to cultural icons in Ukraine.

  12. ‘Wherever we’ve looked, we see destruction.’ The Ukraine war’s impact on buried archaeological sites

    Ian Kuijt, professor of anthropology, speaks with Science on efforts to document and preserve cultural monuments in Ukraine.

  13. Stella Ghervas wins Laura Shannon Prize in Contemporary European Studies

    Article from UCLA about Stella Ghervas winning the 2023 Laura Shannon Prize in Contemporary European Studies and her lecture on at the Nanovic Institute on November 2, 2023.

  14. Notre Dame Press authors will discuss their work at annual book festival on Nov. 14 and 15

    Kathleen Sprows Cummings moderated a discussion at the annual University of Notre Dame Press book fair.

  15. Notre Dame Press 'Book Festival' happening on Notre Dame campus

    The Notre Dame Press book festival included a discussion moderated by Kathleen Cummings.

  16. Cambodia farmers displaced by sugar plantations proceed with landmark international class action suit

    Diane Desierto, law and global affairs professor at Notre Dame Law School, speaks on this unique class action lawsuit filed by Cambodians in Thailand.

  17. Gas Prices Drop Below $3 a Gallon in These States

    University of Notre Dame economics professor Thomas Gresik speaks on the fall in gas prices leading up to Thanksgiving.

  18. Vatican City administrator lectures on work, modern businesses

    Nolan Hines of The ND Observer covers the 2023 Keeley Vatican Lecture with Sr. Raffaella Petrini, secretary general of the Vatican City State.

  19. Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures launches new module on ND Mobile

    Professor Eva Hoeckner, program manager of language initiatives in the CSLC, led the creation of a “Languages & Cultures” module for the ND Mobile app.

  20. What Makes a State Rational?

    A review of John Mearsheimer and Sebastian Rosato's “How States Think: The Rationality of Foreign Policy” (Yale University Press, 2023).