Lecture: "Christian Sex and the Birth of Religious Pluralism in Twentieth-Century Europe" with Udi Greenberg


Location: 1030 Jenkins Nanovic Halls (View on map )

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Udi Greenberg, associate professor of history at Dartmouth College, studies and teaches modern European history. His scholarship and teaching focus especially on the history of ideas, politics, and gender and sexuality. His work has been supported, among others, by the ACLS, Mellon Foundation, the Volkswagen Foundation, and the DAAD.

Organized by the research cluster on Transnational France at the University of Notre Dame

This faculty grant provided funding for a research cluster that explores the ambiguities of migration and cross-cultural exchange in culture and daily life during multiple periods of religious, political, and cultural upheaval, particularly in the European context. This research cluster sought to answer what it means to welcome—or reject—the “stranger,” whether these strangers are enemies or friends, and whether they are our “neighbor” or a threat to our way of life.