Dignity and Justice Workshop


Location: Geddes Hall, Coffee House

Engaged Hands by Kenneth Lu on Flickr
"Engaged Hands" by Kenneth Lu on Flickr

The Center for Social Concerns and the Nanovic Institute for European Studies are organizing a half-day workshop to explore the relationship between dignity and justice at the intersection of Catholic Social Tradition and legal studies. We want to explore the idea of dignity in so far as it relates to justice through legal and social ethical perspectives.

There are three guiding research questions of this workshop: 1) What is the relationship between dignity and justice in Catholic Social Tradition? 2) What can we learn about the concept of dignity from selected legislations and Court decisions? 3) How can we operationalize and enact dignity (i.e. how can we determine whether a person’s dignity has been violated, where is the “threshold of severity?,” how can dignity be best protected?)

The workshop will offer six short presentations and space for discussion. The workshop is designed to bring different colleagues from Notre Dame and members of the South Bend community together. The workshop is part of a larger research initiative on dignity and justice which will also lead to an edited volume on the subject.

Registration is required. Maximum capacity is 36 attendees. 



Workshop Schedule

10:00–10:05 a.m.

Welcome, Bill Purcell (Center for Social Concerns, University of Notre Dame)


10:05–10:25 a.m.

Jim Kelly (Law School, University of Notre Dame)

Dignity and the Common Good in Justice and the Law


10:20–10:45 a.m.

Zoltán I. Búzás (Keough School of Global Affairs, University of Notre Dame)

Lawful but Awful: Roma Rights in the Shadow of Technical Legality


10:45–11:00 a.m.



11:00–11:05 a.m.



11:05–11:25 a.m.

Sarolta Molnár (Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest, Hungary)

Family: Home for Human Dignity


11:25–11:45 a.m.

Imre (Gabor) Holzer (MGA Program, Keough School of Global Affairs)

Dignity on the Streets: Homelessness as a Human Rights Issue


11:45 a.m.–12:00 p.m.



12:00–12:20 p.m.

Break (boxed lunch self service)


12:20–12:35 p.m.

Svitlana Khyliuk (Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine)

Human Dignity as an Argument in ECtHR Practice (the criminal law dimension)


12:35–12:55 p.m.



12:55–1:00 p.m.

Conclusion, Suzanne Shanahan (Center for Social Concerns, University of Notre Dame)