"The Healthy City After the Covid-19 Pandemic", a virtual lecture by Gabriele Tagliaventi


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The Healthy City After The Covid-19 Pandemic

Gabriele Tagliaventi is an Architect and Full Professor of Architecture at the University of Ferrara, Italy.

The Healthy City After The Covid-19 Pandemic

Among his main Architectural works are the redevelopment of a mixed-use block in the Urban periphery of Bologna, Zanolini Street (1988–93), the construction of two mixed-use buildings in Laeken Street, Bruxelles, the new Urban Neighborhood "Città Nuova" in Alessandria, Italy (with Leon Krier, 1996-2000), the redevelopment of a mixed-use urban block in Valenza, Italy (1997-1998), the project for a group of mixed-use buildings in the Quartier am Tacheles in Berlin Mitte, Germany (2000-2004), the project for the completion of the Historical center of Piove di Sacco, Italy (2000-2004), the project for the Villa Medicis urban block at Serris, France (2005-2008), the new urban center at Magny-le-Hongre, France, the Golf Village at Bailly-Romainvilliers, France, the new Urban Block in the City of Yerres, France (2015-2018), the new Residence Seniors at Chessy, France (2015-2018).

Since 1992 Gabriele Tagliaventi is the curator of the "A Vision of Europe" Triennale International Exhibition of Bologna and of the "Urban Renaissance" and "The Other Modern" traveling exhibitions in Istanbul, Turkey Oslo, Norway Bruxelles, Belgium San Sebastian, Spain Lisbon, Portugal Berlin, Germany Strasbourg, France in 1996–2001. Vice-director of the A&C INTERNATIONAL, journal on architecture and urbanism, among his various publications are: "Alla Ricerca della Forma Urbana," Patron Ed. (Bologna 1988), "A Vision of Europe" (Alinea, Firenze, 1992), "Garden Cities: A Century of Ideas, Projects, Experiences" (Gangemi Roma, 1994), "Urban Renaissance" (Grafis, Bologna 1996), "The Other Modern 1900–2000" (Dogma, Savona 2000), "New Civic Architecture" (Alinea, Firenze 2004), "The Guide to Eco-Efficient Urban Neighborhoods" (Alinea, Firenze 2009), "New Urban Stadia" (Editrice Universitaria, Padova 2020).
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