Rome Villa as Jewish School Under Fascism - A Testimony from Former Student "Giacometta" Limentani


Location: Rome Villa

November 28, 2017

Rome Villa As Jewish School Under Fascism

The Villa is the residential living-learning space for ND study abroad students in Rome and is located on the Celio hill. 
From 1938 to 1940 the Villa served as a Jewish School after students and professors were removed from Italian public schools as a consequence of 1938 Racial Laws. The building served as a school hosting 411 students under the surveillance of the aryan preside, Nicola Cimmino.

Giacometta Limentani, writer and translator, was an 11 years old student at the time; she attended the school and survived the war. 

During the event she will be accompanied by friend Paola Fano Modigliani. Lia Toaff from the Jewish Museum of Rome will provide an historical introduction.

Rome Villa As Jewish School Under Fascism

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