A Conversation with Mike Carroll (Photojournalist, ND '68)


Location: Geddes Hall Coffee House​

"How does a photojournalist end up running an international foundation?"

​The Nanovic Institute for European Studies will welcome Boston Globe photographer Mike Carroll (ND '68) to Notre Dame on November 3-4.  Mr. Carroll holds a BA in English from Notre Dame, and helped to launch Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR) in the spring of 1990 after his Boston Globe photo-documentary exposed the plight of the Romanian orphans and the nation’s pediatric AIDS epidemic.  Mr. Carroll is the subject of the documentary film Hand Held (synopsis and link to trailer below) and will introduce our screening of the film on Thursday, November 3 at DPAC.

​ Stop by Nanovic Institute and pick up a free ticket while supplies last.​

Hand Held (2010)

Mike Carroll was one of the first photographers to travel to Romania after the fall of the communist regime in 1989. When he arrived, he walked into one of the most horrific scenes of the 20th Century. His incredible photographs and heart wrenching stories of the pediatric AIDS epidemic in Romania ran in the "Boston Globe" and "New York Times" and opened the eyes of the western world to the plight of the Romanian children. What followed was a twenty-year odyssey for Mike and his colleagues as they fought to bring help to a population of children in need, in a country that they hardly knew.

HAND HELD is the documentary film produced and directed by two-time Academy Award ®-nominated filmmaker Don Hahn. Hahn has been shooting in Boston, Bucharest, and Bistritsa, for nearly two years on this extraordinary motion picture about one guy with a camera, a band of New Englanders, a hundred sixty thousand orphans, and the unforgettable story of how they changed each other's lives forever.