Lunch Lecture with Roberta Ricucci (University of Turin)


Location: Geddes Hall Coffee House

Among Migrants and Asylum Seekers:
Religious capital in the Mediterranean area

Roberta Ricucci
University of Turin, Italy

Evidence from some contemporary ethnic groups suggests that ethnic religion may play a strong role in the lives of both first- and second-generation migrants. This is evident in recent studies on Muslims living in Europe. But Europe's immigrant population is not just Muslim in origin. Migratory flows from Latin America, the Philippines and Eastern Europe (i.e. Romania or Ukraine) bring people from Catholic and Christian countries to Europe. And – as in various European countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy) – these groups are now the majority among the whole immigrant population. Consequently, the almost exclusive focus on the Islamic component has allowed little investigation of the increase of the Christian/Catholic component.

The seminar discusses and compares the religious paths of immigrants’ from various countries in the Mediterranean area, according both quantitative and qualitative data.

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