Graduation Breakfast: Minor in European Studies


Location: By invitation only

2016 Graduation Weekend - Minor in European Studies
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Students graduating with a minor in European studies, their families, and their academic advisors are invited to attend a celebratory breakfast hosted by the Nanovic Institute for European Studies.  The winner of the J. Robert Wegs Prize for Best Minor in European Studies Capstone Essay will be announced after a brief presentation ceremony.

The Class of 2016

Ellen Rose Dahlby
Major in History, College of Arts and Letters
Cracking the Code of “The Bletchley Circle”: Examining Social Commentary in Historical Popular Culture
Faculty Advisor: Melissa Dinsman (Hesburgh Libraries)

Shawn Ho-Joon Lee
Major in Political Science, College of Arts and Letters
Postcolonialism: Decentering European Hegemony
Faculty Advisor: Paul Ocobock (History)

Thomas Stanley Lis
Majors in History and Economics, College of Arts and Letters
Martyrs, Again: Establishing a Polish-European Identity in Lwów, 1918-1921
Faculty Advisor: Alexander Martin (History)

Michael Dale McMannon
Majors in Economics and Italian, College of Arts and Letters
Sir Francis Drake and the Execution of Thomas Doughty
Faculty Advisor: Rory Rapple (History)

Caitlin Mary O’Connor
Major in History, College of Arts and Letters
Inheriting Hell in Poetry from the Great War
Faculty Advisor: Tobias Boes (German)

Meaghan Nalty Polk
Major in English, College of Arts and Letters
The “Pope Francis Effect”: Can Pope Francis Revitalize Irish Catholicism?
Faculty Advisor: David Fagerberg (Theology)

Monika Spalinski
Majors in Spanish and German, College of Arts and Letters
The differences between the German and American higher education systems,
with a focus on preparation for and transition to career

Faculty Advisor: Mark Roche (German)

Christiana Michaela Stephan
Major in Finance, Mendoza College of Business
Can The Euro and European Union Survive with Decentralized Fiscal Policy and Centralized Monetary Policy?
Faculty Advisor: John Stiver (Finance)