Notre Dame Day 2016


Vote Nanovic On ND Day


Notre Dame Day is a global celebration of the Notre Dame mission that engages, informs, and inspires people to take action and give back. Notre Dame Day is a chance to celebrate and give to what you love most about the University!

On April 24 – 25, the global Notre Dame family will come together in a celebration of all things Notre Dame through an online fundraising competition and streaming broadcast. Notre Dame Day will kick off 6:42 pm Eastern Time on April 24 and conclude at Midnight on April 25.

Vote Nanovic During ND Day

What we did in 2015

Last year, the Nanovic Institute received a total of 180 votes, which provided funding for a student travel and research grant to Europe over an academic break.  

As I prepare for my graduation from the University of Notre Dame, I give my gratitude to the Nanovic Institute for serving as a guide in my intellectual and vocational growth. As Notre Dame students we have many opportunities available to us. As I reflect those given to me by the Nanovic have facilitated my most transformative experiences. Since I received a grant three years ago to study humanitarian policy during the Bosnian War, I have forged a path in post-conflict justice that has led me to Geneva, The Hague, and Sarajevo. In Europe, I have learned from international criminal lawyers, policymakers, and wartime survivors. The Nanovic not only offered me the resources to pursue this independent research, but also the encouragement that gave me the confidence to engage professional scholarship. Without that encouragement, I would not be exploring careers that seek the transformation of human concerns such as war and genocide. It takes much effort to dedicate oneself to the development of students. I am thankful to the Nanovic for the calibre and care they dedicated to my own growth at Notre Dame.

Steven Fisher '16
Political Science and International Peace Studies

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Goal 2016

This year, we'd like to double the grant in order to send two (2) Notre Dame students. Will you take this opportunity to support us?

How you can help

  • If you are participating in ND Day 2016, please VOTE NANOVIC.  Every vote casts determines how the portion of the $1 million fund is distributed.
  • Restrict your $10 gift to the Nanovic Institute as well as your 5 initial votes. (We estimate this will about $85 from your $10 gift.  That is quite the investment!)
  • Share your #thanksNanovic story on social media during #NDday.  We love hearing from our students and alumni.
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