Open Session: Ethics and CSR in Cities and Countries of Origin


Location: Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway (Italy)

Session 4 : Ethics and CSR in Cities and Countries of Origin

Open Session with Reception to Follow


Session Chair: Patrick E. Murphy (University of Notre Dame, USA)




Samuel Sebhatu and Bo Enquist (Karlstad University, Sweden) | The Moral Dilemma of a City for People: The Challenges of Values Based Governance

This presentation focuses on the ethical dilemmas of cities as the new power sphere for development, a place for value creation in a dialectic way from ethical, economic, environmental and societal points of view for values based governance in public transit for the cities of Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Paris and Stockholm.


Camilla Barbarossa (LUMSA University, Rome) | Consumer Reactions to a Product-Harm Crisis: The Role of Perceived Country of Origin Competence and Warmth

This presentation assesses the influence of national stereotypes, that is implied country of origin competence and warmth, on consumer attributions of blame and consequent behavioral reactions in a product-harm crisis setting featuring the 2013 European horse meat scandal.


Paolo Antonetti (Warwick Business School, UK) | Social Identification and Corporate Social Irresponsibility: A Model of Stakeholder Retaliations

This presentation develops a model explaining how identification with victims of corporate social irresponsibility influences stakeholder reactions because of its ability to bias feelings of sympathy and moral anger.


Part of the academic symposium "International Marketing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility" sponsored by the Nanovic Institute for European Studies and the Mendoza College of Business at the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway on April 19-21, 2015.