Crisis in Southern Europe


Location: Hesburgh Center Auditorium

Crisis in Southern Europe

The Southern European countries that initiated the ultimately worldwide third wave of democratization in the 1970s are again in the news—but this time for tragic reasons. They are the epicenter of the current Euro Crisis—the location where this major challenge to the world economy first emerged and where its human and political costs are most strongly felt.

In this panel, part of an ongoing series on the Euro Crisis, leading scholars from two of the most strongly affected countries—Greece and Portugal—will present their analyses of the crisis in their own countries and of the broader regional and global implications. Additional commentary will be provided by Kellogg Institute experts.

Pedro Lains
Research Professor, Instituto de Ciências Sociais
University of Lisbon, Portugal

Dimitri Sotiropoulos
Associate Professor of Political Science
University of Athens, Greece

Robert Fishman
Professor of Sociology
University of Notre Dame

Andrew Gould
Professor of Political Science
University of Notre Dame

Cosponsored with the Nanovic Institute for European Studies