Civilizational Formation: The Carolingian and 'Abbāsid Eras

Location: McKenna Hall (Notre Dame Conference Center)

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Civilizational Formation: The Carolingian and ‘Abbāsid Eras
An International Conference in Celebration of Thomas F.X. Noble

April 14-16, 2013

Scholars from around the world will examine the similarities, differences, and connections among the cultural institutions formulated under the Carolingian and ‘Abbāsid empires. Scheduled presenters include:

John Contreni
Michael Cook
Michael Cooperson
Patricia Crone
Jennifer Davis
Mayke de Jong
Robert Gleave
Eric Goldberg
Stefan Heidemann
Yitzhak Hen
Minoru Inaba
Hugh Kennedy
Regine Le Jan
Michael McCormick
Rob Meens
Janet Nelson
Alastair Northedge
Jürgen Paul
Walter Pohl
Chase Robinson
Julia Smith
Ian Wood

Sponsored by the Medieval Institute and the Department of History, with support from the Departments of Classics and Theology and the Nanovic Institute for European Studies.

For details, contact Prof. Deborah Tor, conference organizer.