Film: BEAU TRAVAIL (1999)


Location: Browning Cinema, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Beau Travail Picture

Director Claire Denis is scheduled to appear in person

Directed by Claire Denis
Not Rated, 90 minutes
French with English subtitles

Inspired by Herman Melville’s Billy Budd, BEAU TRAVAIL follows a troupe of men in a small French Foreign Legion outpost. Exercising their muscular torsos under the blaring sun, each day the Legionnaires engage in a hypnotically choreographed routine of drills, chores, and mock battles. Sergeant Galoup (Denis Lavant) seems the ideal Legionnaire: a brooding loner, cut off from his past. He runs the troupe like a well-oiled machine, until his jealously for a promising young recruit, Sentain, threatens the delicate balance of his life. With the haunting suspense of a Greek tragedy, Galoup’s uncontrollable urge to destroy Sentain ultimately leads to his own downfall.

$7 general admission
$6 faculty/staff
$5 senior citizens
$4 all students

Tickets may be purchased at DeBartolo Performing Arts Center or by calling 574-631-2800.