Lecture & Award Presentation of the Laura Shannon Book Prize


Location: Eck Vistors Center Auditorium

p(image-right). !/assets/21272/dainotto.jpg(Roberto M)! Roberto M. Dainotto will present the lecture, "Europe (in Practice): Which Culture for the Union?" based on his book by Duke University Press, _Europe (In Theory)_, winner of the $10,000 Laura Shannon Prize in Contemporary European Studies for 2010. Dainotto is professor of Romance Studies and of the Literature Program at Duke University, where he has been teaching modern and contemporary Italian literature since 1998. His research focuses on the relationship between writing and places (real or imaginary). A native of Italy, Dainotto did his undergraduate work at the University of Catania. He completed his master and doctorate degrees in comparative literature at New York University.

The lecture can be viewed below: