Midwest Russian History Workshop

Location: University of Notre Dame

The Midwest Russian History Workshop brings together scholars from US and Canadian universities for a two-day meeting aimed at providing feedback on written work and discussing important issues within the field of Russian and Soviet history. This year, the University of Notre Dame will be hosting the workshop on September 25-26, 2009.


  • Christine Evans (doctoral student, UC Berkeley), "A 'Good Mood for the Holidays': Central Television's New Year's Eve program, 1962-1982"
  • Daniel Kaiser (Grinnell College), "Making New Families—Marriage in Early Modern Russia"
  • Scott Kenworthy (Miami University of Ohio), "The Red and the Black: Monks and the Great Terror, 1937-1938"
  • Samantha Lomb (doctoral student, University of Pittsburgh), "Voices from the Village: Sel'kory, Stengazety and Popular Discussion of the Draft Constitution, June-December 1936"
  • Stephen Norris (Miami University of Ohio), Mark Steinberg (University of Illinois), Willard Sunderland (University of Cincinnati), and Valerie Kivelson (University of Michigan) Roundtable on the book project People of Empire
  • Randall Poole (College of St. Scholastica), "Freedom of Conscience in Russian Philosophical Liberalism: The Controversy of Vladimir Solov'ёv"
  • Charles Steinwedel (Northeastern Illinois University), "The Muslim Nobility of Bashkiria: The Fall and Rise of an Imperial Elite, 1552-1917"
  • Christine Varga-Harris (Illinois State University), "'House' and 'Home' and the Quest for Normalcy" (chapter for Building the Soviet Hearth: Home, Citizenship and Socialism in Russia, 1956-1964)
  • Theodore R. Weeks (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), "Belief" (chapter for Across the Revolutionary Divide: Russia 1861-1945)
  • Michael Westrate (doctoral student, University of Notre Dame), "The Opposite End of the Identity Spectrum: Valery Abramkin and the Dissident Subject under the late Soviet Regime"
  • Sergei Zhuk (Ball State University), "Fascist Music from the West: Anti-Rock Campaigns, Problems of National Identity and Human Rights in the 'Closed City' of Soviet Ukraine, 1975-1984"

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Sponsored by the Nanovic Institute for European Studies and the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA).