Revitalizing the Patterns of Saxon Village Architecture: Transylvania, Romania


Location: 104 Bond Hall

This year 12 students from the School of Architecture from the Fourth year Studio accompanied Prof. Krupali Uplekar to Romania where they documented 10 villages that have been kept intact in character since they were first built in the medieval ages in the heart of Transylvania. As Romania slowly weaves it way to get integrated into the European Union, these villages face the danger of drastic transformation through globalization. Even with UNESCO’s world heritage status to some towns in this region, the change is steadily setting in.

Please join the School of Architecture for this event.

4.00 pm – Presentation by Krupali Uplekar on Saxon village architecture, a model for self sustaining lifestyle.
4.10 pm – Presentation by Mihai Cazan* on Romanian Orthodox Patriarchate learning and practicing the ancient techniques of religious orthodox painting and Saxon Village Architecture.
4.30pm – Presentation by Andrew Rutz, a brief history of Banffy Castle, the town of Bontida, and Cluj-Napoca.
4.40pm – Presentation by Marcela Perett, Saxon Churches and their interpretation today.
4.50pm – Presentation by Daniel Balan, Symbols on Saxon facades and what they meant.
5.00pm – Fourth Year student* presentation on design solutions for the Saxon villages.
5.50pm – Question and answer session
6.00pm – Reception in Gallery

*Student trip and speaker support was sponsored by the Nanovic Institute for European Studies.