Conference- "Africa in Portuguese, the Portuguese in Africa"

Location: Hesburgh Center for International Studies

An International Research Conference: “Africa in Portuguese, the Portuguese in Africa”. The conference will be held Friday April 18th through Sunday April 20th.

Africa in Portuguese, the Portuguese in Africa provides new scholarly perspectives on the relations between Portugal and its former African colonies. The conference addresses connections and borrowings between Portugal and Lusophone Africa and is designed to generate a book co-edited by Isabel Ferreira Gould and Pedro Schacht Pereira. The initiative pursues two main lines of inquiry. First, it debates the roles played by the Portuguese-speaking African countries in the continuous elaboration of a new postcolonial Portuguese culture, as well as the roles played by Portugal in the formation and transformation of the cultures of the Lusophone African nations. Second, it examines the ways in which the ongoing critical and theoretical debate in Lusophone African studies can have a positive impact upon the broader discussions of African studies and postcolonial studies, that is, how a regional discipline can contribute to shaping and enriching concepts that are to be used by scholars working in diverse fields and disciplines.

Organized by Isabel Ferreira Gould and Pedro Schacht Pereira. Sponsored by the Kellog Institute for International Studies and the Nanovic Institute for European Studies.