Concentration in Transnational European Studies

The Concentration in Transnational European Studies is an optional track available to students enrolled in the supplemental major in Global Affairs in the Keough School. It is designed for students seeking to understand the complex interplay between political, economic, and cultural forces in Europe and its engagement with the rest of the world. It is a course of study that takes Europe in a traditional sense seriously but pays particular attention to the dynamic flows of people, politics, commerce, and cultures that are so characteristic of Europe today.

The concentration features flexible one-credit courses as points of entry, includes coursework in European institutions and how they work in Europe and the United States, convenes special seminars in Transnational European Studies in Washington DC and in major European capitals, including Berlin, and requires a final capstone essay or project. 

Europe is changing, and its changes will have profound global implications. Understand what is going on!

Concentration Requirements:

In conjunction with the requirements laid out by the Keough School's Supplementary Major in Global Affairs, in order to complete the Concentration in Transnational European Studies students must complete a total of 15 credits as follows: 

  • 3, 1-credit EURO Gateway courses: these courses are designed to introduce students to the breadth and depth of European affairs today. Students will gain an appetite for Europe through discussions with leading experts, exploration of Europe's many cultures, and guidance on how to conduct independent research in the field. 
  • 2, 3-credit EURO electives: these courses provide students with a deep dive into the most pressing issues facing Europe today. EURO electives investigate the historical roots of Europe today, the key stakeholders influencing a changing Europe, and seek to answer questions about the future of the continent. A complete list of approved electives can be found here
  • 3-credits of advanced European language: students in the concentration become proficient in a European language by completing coursework at the Intermediate II level or beyond in one of the following languages: French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish. 
  • Keough School of Global Affairs Capstone Seminar, EURO 43001 (3 Credits): all students completing the Concentration in Transnational European Studies must take the Capstone Seminar and complete a capstone essay. The capstone essay is the culmination of students' coursework and research in transnational European studies. Students will select an area or topic of interest to them and work with a faculty advisor to identify a research question and complete a 15 - 20 page essay on the question of their choice. The Capstone Seminar is primarily intended to achieve three objectives: (1) give students an opportunity to conduct independent research; (2) provide students with guidance and support in completing their capstone research project; and (3) bring student research into dialogue with trends in the field of Global Affairs. Although each student will work on his/her/their own project, the course will move through the normal stages of a project and will allow students to contribute to each others work in meaningful ways. 

Students in the Concentration in Transnational European Studies are encouraged to apply for the Nanovic Institute's numerous grant opportunities to enrich their classroom experience. 

For guidance about the Concentration in Transnational European Studies, contact: 

Anna Dolezal
Student Programs Assistant Manager

Office: 1060 Nanovic Hall



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