Faculty Fellows

The Nanovic Institute is home to more than 150 faculty in European studies from more than twenty-five departments at Notre Dame, including departments in the Mendoza College of Business, colleges of Engineering and Science, and schools of Law, Architecture and the Keough School of Global Affairs.

The Institute’s Faculty Fellows teach courses, conduct research, organize symposia, advise students, and advise the Director through fellows’ meetings and the Faculty Committee.

The Institute supports their research in European studies, especially their interdisciplinary projects and collaborations with European peers and graduate students. In addition, the Institute supports the internationalization of their classrooms at Notre Dame, permitting faculty to take entire seminars to Europe during the year or summer break to study European topics first-hand.

Fellows are eligible for a wide range of generous Institute grants.

Individuals interested in becoming a Faculty Fellow must be a faculty member at the University of Notre Dame and nominated by a current fellow or the Director. Nominations may be emailed to the Assistant Director, Grant Osborn (gosborn@nd.edu).

Faculty Fellows

  1. Pedro Aguilera-Mellado (Modern Spain)
  2. Maurizio Albahari (Anthropology)
  3. Roger Alford (Law)
  4. Selena K. Anders (Architecture)
  5. Neil Arner (Theology)
  6. Yury Avvakumov (Theology)
  7. Ted Barron (Film, Television, and Theatre)
  8. Christiane Baumeister (Economics)
  9. Christine Becker (Film, Television and Theatre)
  10. Alexander Beihammer (History)
  11. Judith Benz (German and Russian Languages and Literatures)
  12. Tracy Bergstrom (Library)
  13. John Betz (Theology)
  14. Alessia Blad (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  15. W. Martin Bloomer (Classics)
  16. Tobias Boes (German and Russian Languages and Literatures)
  17. Eileen Hunt Botting (Political Science)
  18. Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis (Program of Liberal Studies)
  19. Theodore Cachey (Romance Languages and Literature)
  20. Paolo Carozza (Law)
  21. Meredith Chesson (Anthropology)
  22. Christopher Chowrimootoo (Program of Liberal Studies)
  23. James Collins (Film, Television, and Theatre)
  24. Craig Cramer (Music)
  25. Kathleen Cummings (American Studies)
  26. John Deak (History)
  27. JoAnn Della Neva (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  28. Denise Della Rossa (German and Russian Languages and Literatures)
  29. Diane Desierto (Keough School of Global Affairs)
  30. William Collins Donahue (German) 
  31. Richard Donnelly (Film, Television and Theatre)
  32. Kirk Doran (Economics)
  33. Rev. Robert Dowd, C.S.C. (Political Science)
  34. Georges Enderle (Marketing)
  35. Margot Fassler (Theology)
  36. Sabrina Ferri (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  37. Mary Flannery (Economics)
  38. Christopher Fox (English)
  39. Leonardo Francalanci (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  40. Johanna Frymoyer (Music)
  41. Anne García-Romero (Film, Television and Theatre)
  42. Korey Garibaldi (American Studies)
  43. Anna Geltzer (Reilly Center)
  44. Nina Glibetic (Theology)
  45. Andrew Gould (Political Science)
  46. Brad Gregory (History)
  47. Thomas Gresik (Economics)
  48. Patrick Griffin (History)
  49. Rev. Daniel Groody, C.S.C., (Theology and Global Affairs)
  50. Rev. Kevin Grove, C.S.C. (Theology)
  51. Perin Gurel (American Studies/Gender Studies)
  52. Gregory Haake, CSC (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  53. Peter Holland (Film, Television, and Theatre)
  54. Vittorio Hösle (German, Political Science)
  55. Don Howard (Philosophy)
  56. Romana Huk (English)
  57. Katie Jarvis (History)
  58. Debra Javeline (Political Science)
  59. Peter Jeffery (Music)
  60. Ian Johnson (History)
  61. Essaka Joshua (English and College of Arts & Letters)
  62. Anton Juan  (Film, Television, and Theatre)
  63. Encarnación Juárez-Almendros (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  64. Mary Keys (Political Science)
  65. Karrie Koesel  (Political Science)
  66. Paul Kollman, CSC (Theology)
  67. Katharina Kraus (Philosophy)
  68. Krupali Uplekar Krusche (Architecture)
  69. Gregory Kucich (English)
  70. Ian Kuijt (Anthropology)
  71. Stephen Lancaster (Music)
  72. Jesse Lander (English)
  73. Charles Leavitt IV (Italian Language and Literature)
  74. Ulrich Lehner (Theology)
  75. John Liberatore (Music)
  76. Fr. Jim Lies, C.S.C. (London Global Gateway)
  77. Dan Lindley (Political Science)
  78. Joshua Lund (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  79. Natasha Lyandres (Library)
  80. Semion Lyandres (History) 
  81. Michael Lykoudis (Architecture)
  82. Alexander Martin (History)
  83. David Mayernik (Architecture)
  84. A. James McAdams (Political Science)
  85. Sarah McKibben (Irish Language and Literature)
  86. Margaret Meserve (History)
  87. Melissa Miller (German and Russian Languages and Literatures)
  88. Vanesa Miseres (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  89. Susannah Monta (English)
  90. Olivier Morel (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  91. Hildegund Müller (Classics)
  92. Cyril O’Regan (Theology)
  93. Ray Offenheiser (Pulte Institute for Global Development, Keough School of Global Affairs)
  94. Susan Ohmer (Film, Television, and Theatre)
  95. Maria Olivera-Williams (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  96. Paul Perrin (Pulte Institute for Global Development, Keough School of Global Affairs)
  97. Daniel Philpott (Political Science)
  98. Emilia Justyna Powell (Political Science)
  99. Alisha Reaves (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  100. Robin Rhodes (Art, Art History and Design)
  101. Alison Rice (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  102. Denis Robichaud (Liberal Studies)
  103. Sebastian Rosato (Political Science)
  104. Joseph Rosenberg (Liberal Studies)
  105. Ingrid Rowland (Architecture and Art, Art History and Design)
  106. Fred Rush (Philosophy)
  107. Daniel Schlosberg (Music)
  108. Ilaria Schnyder von Wartensee (Keough School of Global Affairs)
  109. Clemens Sedmak (Social Ethics)
  110. Steven Semes (Architecture)
  111. John Sherry (Marketing)
  112. Sarah Shortall (History)
  113. Cheryl Snay (Snite Museum of Art)
  114. Yasmin Solomonescu (English)
  115. Marsha Stevenson (Library)
  116. Sonja Stojanovic (French Language and Literature)
  117. Duncan Stroik (Architecture)
  118. Robert Sullivan (History)
  119. Carmen-Helena Tellez (Music)
  120. David Thomas (English)
  121. Gregory Timp (Electrical)
  122. Alexis Torrance (Theology)
  123. J. Samuel Valenzuela (Sociology)
  124. Elliott Visconsi (English)
  125. Juan Vitulli (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  126. Warren von Eschenbach (ND International)
  127. Emily Wang (German and Russian Languages and Literatures)
  128. Stephen Watson (Philosophy)
  129. Henry Weinfield (Program of Liberal Studies)
  130. Susanne Wengle (Political Science)
  131. Sophie White (American Studies)
  132. Shauna Williams (Romance Languages and Literatures)

Faculty Affiliates and Emeriti

  1. Karl Ameriks Emeritus (Philosophy)
  2. Ruediger Bachmann (Economics)
  3. Christopher Baron (Classics)
  4. John Blacklow (Music)
  5. Aedin Clements (Library)
  6. Robert Randolf Coleman Emeritus (Art, Art History and Design)
  7. Donald Crafton Emeritus (Film, Television and Theatre)
  8. E. Mark Cummings (Psychology)
  9. Patrick Deneen (Political Science)
  10. Jean Dibble Emerita (Art, Art History and Design)
  11. Dennis Doordan Emeritus (Architecture and Art, Art History and design
  12. Michael Driscoll Emeritus (Theology)
  13. Carsten Dutt (German and Russian Languages and Literatures)
  14. Stephen Fallon (Liberal Studies; English)
  15. Felipe Fernandez-Armesto (History)
  16. Mary Frandsen (Music)
  17. Alexander Hahn Emeritus (Mathematics)
  18. Alexander Jech (Philosophy)
  19. Robin Jensen (Theology)
  20. Daniel Johnson (Library)
  21. Claire Jones (German and Russian Languages and Literatures)
  22. Robert Krieg Emeritus (Theology)
  23. Thomas Kselman Emeritus (History)
  24. Robert Kusmer (Library)
  25. Giovanna Lenzi-Sandusky (Rome Global Gateway)
  26. David Lincicum (Theology)
  27. Louis MacKenzie (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  28. Patrick Martin Emeritus (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  29. John Matthias Emeritus (English)
  30. James Merz  Emeritus (Electrical)
  31. Patrick Murphy Emeritus (Marketing)
  32. Ian Newman (English)
  33. Catherine Perry Emerita (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  34. Evan Ragland (History)
  35. Rory Rapple (History)
  36. Georgine Resick Emerita (Music)
  37. Luc Reydams (Political Science)
  38. Mark Roche (German and Russian Languages and Literatures/Philosophy)
  39. Charles Rosenberg Emeritus (Art, Art History and Design)
  40. Christopher Shields (Philosophy and Classics)
  41. Phillip Sloan Emeritus (Liberal Studies)
  42. Peter H. Smith (Music)
  43. David Solomon Emeritus (Philosophy)
  44. Elyse Speaks (Art, Art History & Design)
  45. Jeff Thurk (Economics)
  46. Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi (English)
  47. Anré Venter (Psychology)
  48. Ernesto Verdeja (Political Science)
  49. John P. Welle Emeritus (Italian and Film, Television and Theatre)
  50. Albert Wimmer Emeritus (German and Russian Languages and Literatures)
  51. Susan Youens Emerita (Music)
  52. Samir Younes (Architecture)
  53. Catherine Zuckert Emerita (Political Science)
  54. Michael Zuckert Emeritus (Political Science)