Advisory Board

The advisory board of the Nanovic Institute is composed of distinguished individuals outside the University that advise the director on the direction and progress of the institute. The advisory board also advises the President and the Provost of the University on a variety of matters related to the continued success of the Nanovic Institute.


Robert and Elizabeth Nanovic

Robert & Elizabeth Nanovic

BA, University of Notre Dame (Robert)
MBA, Lehigh University (Robert)
BA, Hofstra University (Elizabeth)

Bob is currently on the boards of the Portland Museum of Art and the Portland Symphony Orchestra in Portland, Maine. They make their home in Maine and have three grown children.

Stephen Barrett

R. Stephen Barrett

BS, University of Notre Dame
MBA, Boston College

Steve is president of Barrett Advisory, a strategic and operational consulting firm. He is also on the business school adjunct faculty at Boston College, and is a trustee of The Catholic Foundation. Previously, Steve was executive vice president and chief financial officer of Whirlpool Corporation and chief financial officer of Global Fabric & Home Care at the Procter & Gamble Company, where he spent most of his career before retiring in 2002. Steve and his wife Ruth have 5 children, two of whom are currently Notre Dame students. They live in Boston and Kennebunkport, Maine.

Frank and Dominica Annese

Dominica Annese

Dominica is a native of Ukraine. As a child of three during WWII, she was separated from her parents, and after surviving physical injury, was hospitalized in Ukraine. The hospital was evacuated to Poland, then to Germany. In 1950, after 9 years in a German orphanage, she was brought to the US and placed in foster care until her sister married, at which time Dominica moved in with her and her new husband. The youngest of five daughters, it was assumed that their parents were dead. In 1968, before the birth of her fourth child, Dominica’s husband Frank arranged to reunite her with her parents after 27 years. The Anneses have four daughters and eleven grandchildren. She is a serious gardener and enjoys golf. Dominica brings special insight and sensitivity to the board because of her own experience as a child.

Jane Heiden

Jane Heiden (Chair)

BA, Kenyon College

Jane Heiden served as CEO of Compulit, a company that she and her husband founded with her knowledge of computers combined with her husband’s expertise in complex litigation. Known as one of the best litigation support companies in the industry, Compulit was acquired by Pitney Bowes, Inc. in 2006. After the acquisition, Jane served as Executive Vice President of Pitney Bowes Corporate and International Development. Jane and her husband, Notre Dame alumnus Thomas J. Heiden, have five adult children, including two sons who are currently roommates in Keenan Hall at Notre Dame.


James J. Hummer

BBA, University of Notre Dame
MBA, Harvard University

Mr. Hummer was the Founder and former President and CEO of Whole Health Management, a leading health services company that was acquired by Walgreen Company in 2008. He has over 30 years of experience implementing and managing ambulatory care and work-site, employer-based health services. Prior to founding Whole Health, Mr. Hummer was the co-founder of Ivy Medical Group, one of the country’s largest ambulatory care companies in the mid-1980s. He serves as Member of Advisory Council at Qualcomm Life, Inc.

Terrence R. Keeley

BA, University of Notre Dame
M.Litt/D.Phil studies – Christ Church (Oxford University)
Notre Dame Spotlight

Terrence Keeley is the Managing Director and Head of the Official Institutions Group at BlackRock, Inc.. In this position, he oversees the development of the relationships and the services BlackRock provides to official institutions around the world. Prior to joining BlackRock, Terry founded and served as the Senior Managing Principal of Sovereign Trends, LLC, an advisory firm for and about sovereign institutions. From 1987-2010 he was a senior managing director at UBS Investment Bank, where he oversaw the firm’s transactional and advisory relations with central banks, sovereign wealth funds, ministries of finance, public pension funds and multilateral organizations, including the IMF and World Bank. Terry is also a founding director of the Financial Hippocratic Oath movement. From 1982-85 he served as one of the first young trustees on the Notre Dame Board. Today he is also a frequent commentator/author on all issues relating to international finance, cross-border capital movements and global financial governance. He is married to Saskia Bory of Geneva, Switzerland. Their two sons attend the Lycée Français de New York.

Patrick Moran

Patrick Moran

BA, University of Notre Dame
JD, Georgetown University Law Center
LLM, George Washington University Law School

Pat is president of Moran Resources, an oil and gas exploration and production company, as well as president of PlukAir Texas, LLC, and PlukAir Europe. He has been admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, the Court of Appeals of Maryland, the Supreme Court of Texas, and various federal circuit and district courts. He retired from active law practice 1991. He currently is on the boards of numerous academic, charitable, and corporate organizations. Pat also is a pilot with experience in a wide variety of high performance U.S. and Russian civilian and military aircraft.

Anne Hurst Nanovic

Anne Hurst Nanovic

BA, Carleton College
MALD, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University

Anne is a Senior Trade Advisor for the Maine International Trade Center, where she has been employed since moving to the state in 2006. Previously, Anne worked as an aide in German Bundestag in Berlin, and participated in the government’s Intenationales Parlaments-Stipendium. She also worked at the German Book Office in New York City. Anne lives in Maine with her husband Rob, and their two children.

Laura Shannon

Laura Shannon

BA, Webster College

Laura has been involved in social services all of her life. She was a custody mediator in the family court of Minneapolis and the chair of the board of the United Theological Seminary in Brighton, Minnesota. Laura and her husband Mike (ND 1958) live in Texas. They have two daughters.

Rob Nanovic

Rob Nanovic

BA, Carleton College

A graduate of the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation at the George Eastman House, Rob served until 2009 as the Collections Manager at Northeast Historic Film, a regional motion picture film archive that collects and preserves the moving image history of northern New England. Rob is now the primary caregiver for his son Kasey and works on painting, animation, and documenting family activities on Super 8mm film. He lives in Maine with his wife Anne and two children.

Paul Tobin

Paul Tobin

BA, University of Notre Dame

Paul recently retired after working for 35 years in Investment Banking and the Capital Markets. Most of his career was dedicated to those disciplines on behalf of Lehman Brothers in New York City and in Chicago. At this time, he finds that he is as busy in retirement, as he was when he was working. However, he is able to spend much more time with his two sons, and their families which include seven rambunctious children.

Sean Reilly

BA, University of Notre Dame

Sean recently joined the Nanovic Institute advisory board. He graduated from Notre Dame in 1990.