The Nanovic Institute promotes and supports research on a broad range of issues relating to the social, cultural, political, economic, and religious dynamics of Europe. The Institute is particularly interested in research that has implications for contemporary debates about European unification and division, though the concept of unification is not restricted to any particular period. The Institute promotes interdisciplinary projects that, like that transcend a focus on any one country, state, or people to stimulate new ways of thinking about Europe as a whole.

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  • Religion & Secularism
  • Movement of Peoples
  • Social & Political Geographies
  • Patterns of Integration
  • Revolutions

Russia's Failed Revolution

Leading scholars of the Russian Revolution meet in Rome to take into account new information from freer access to previously closed Soviet archives.

Peace for Ukraine?

Dmytro Sherengovsky, the Nanovic Institute's visiting scholar, answers a few questions about his work and his home country of Ukraine.

Cultural Transformations

An interdisciplinary group focused on cultural revolutions in Europe has a proven track record of award-winning publications and national awards.

Notre Dame and Fulbright

Distinguished US-Italian Fulbright Scholars reflect on "The Humanities in a Global Context" at a Nanovic gathering in Rome. Papers are online here.

Illuminating Modernity

Do we have adequate histories of European secularism? New translations in philosophy and theology by Nanovic fellows challenge the narrative.

Housing the Migrant

Europe's tent cities are disasters. Are there better ways of housing asylum seekers? A panel exploration and a remarkable new proposal.

Protean in Tsarist Russia

Johannes Ambrosius Rosenstrauch (1768-1835) lived a cosmopolitan, protean life. What does this tell us about the social geography of Russia?

Roman Forum, 2014+

How will future generations perceive a common world heritage? Scholars digitize the Forum for the first time and reflect on the implications.

Social Ecology of Violence

Why does interethnic violence in Europe persist across generations? A major empirical study by scholars at Notre Dame and Milan has answers.

Sources of the Civic

How and why are Catholic European universities involved in the civic formation of their students? A conference in Rome, with papers online here.

Islam and Literature

What is the place of Islam in contemporary European literature? Muslim and Muslim-born writers gather to reflect together for the first time.

Urban Geographies

Europe’s cities are changing fast.


Migration, Housing, Borders

Physical conditions are often staggeringly bad in Europe’s “tent cities,” which are intended to house migrants and asylum seekers. Can they be improved in the short term? In the longer term,...

Sharia and International Law

Nanovic fellow Emilia Justyna Powell (Political Science) has been awarded a Muhammad Bin-Laden Visiting Fellowship at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies for April 24 - June 18, 2016. During her...

Cosmopolitan Russians


Alexander M. Martin, Nanovic Fellow and Professor of History, was awarded the 2013 Marc Raeff Book Prize for Enlightened Metropolis: Constructing Imperial Moscow, 1762-1855. The prize, given by the...

The Theatre of Interfaith Love

Disheartened by anti-Muslim rhetoric that followed the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Anne García-Romero resolved to write a play that explored the intricacies and nuances of interfaith love, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence....

ND Expert: Open more, safer legal ways into the EU to deal with refugee crisis

Each day seems to bring a troubling new chapter as Europe confronts a staggering refugee crisis. On Thursday (Aug. 27), 71 refugees were found dead in the back of an...