Zoriana Rybchynska

Visit Dates: 2023-24

Ukrainian Catholic University

Research Interests
  • cultural memory and reinterpretation of heritage
  • cultural mechanisms of creation and development of local communities
  • phenomenon of the cultural landscape

Zoriana Rybchynska is the head of the Cultural Studies Department of the Ukrainian Catholic University, the academic director of the "Workshop of Culture Practitioners" certification program. The basis of her various research interests is the study of the usual and exceptional connections between man, place, and language (concentrated in the formula topos-tropos-anthropos), represented, in particular, in artistic texts. She combines academic research with public activities: organization of the Festival of Neighbors in Lviv (2014), participation in the working group on writing the "Strategy for the Development of Culture in Lviv 2025" and curation of three Congresses of Culture in Lviv (2019, 2021, and 2023).