Yaryna Boychuk

Visit Dates: 2022-23

Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine

Research Interests
  • Leadership, ethics, and decision-making
  • Purpose and values-driven organizations
  • resiliency and reconstruction

Yaryna Boychuk has 15 years of practical experience in business, including management and development of a family business, and launching and managing her own company. She has initiated several successful business projects in Ukraine as well as represented foreign companies' interests in Ukraine.  Boychuk has studied in various international programs both for executives and faculty in Great Britain, USA, Canada, Sweden, China, South Korea, Denmark, and Norway.  Her research interests include deeply ethical dilemmas that leaders face in modern challenging geopolitical circumstances, and postwar academic and business resilience and rebuilding strategies for the future of Ukraine.

Her residency at the Nanovic Institute is sponsored by the Patrick and Angela Adams Fellowship for Catholic Higher Education in Post-Communist Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.