Jana Juhasova

Visit Dates: 2015-16

Catholic University of Ruzomberok, Slovak Republic (Slovakia)

Research Interests
  • Literary theory
  • Modern poetry
  • Metaphysics

Prof. Jana Juhásová, Assistant Professor in the Department of Slovak Language & Literature at the Catholic University in Ruzomberok, teaches literary theory and modern Slovak poetry. Her dissertation from Comenius University, Litany of the Surrealists and the Poetry of Modern Catholic Poets (2009), focused on modern poetry and metaphysics. She was at Notre Dame in July to study the literary criticism of Harold Bloom, who she says “does not reduce literature to a circulation of ‘social energies.’” Since much of contemporary Slovak criticism still labors under the dominant influence of Russian formalism, Czech structuralism, and French poststructuralism, Prof. Juhásová was interested in how “the spiritual aspect” became important in Bloom’s work.

Visiting Scholar during 2015-2016 academic year.