Eugen Zelenak

Visit Dates: 2022-23

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
Catholic University in Ružomberok, Slovakia

Research Interests
  • analytical philosophy of history
  • philosophy of science
  • constructivism
  • representation

Eugen Zeleňák's main areas of interest are philosophy of history (historical explanation, historical narrative, semantics of history), philosophy of science (explanation, causation, realism debate), and metaphysics. He wrote his dissertation on the topic of historical explanation, but is currently interested in the issue of historical representation and generally in the semantics of history.  His latest project involves the non-representationalist approach to dissecting the history of Europe.

Zeleňák, will reside at the Nanovic Institute for the fall 2022 semester courtesy of the Patrick and Angela Adams Fellowship for Catholic Higher Education in Post-Communist Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.