Andrii Yasinovskyi

Visit Dates: 2019-20, 2023-24

Dean of Humanities
Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine

Research Interests
  • Early modern religious cultureĀ 
  • Byzantine Studies
  • Classical Philology
  • Antique Tradition

Andrii Yasinovskyi, Ph.D., is the current Dean of Humanities at Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine. He was formerly head of the Department of Classical, Byzantine, and Medieval Studies and director of Ukrainian Catholic University Press. His teaching is frequently cross-cultural, focusing on Byzantine and Western civilization or the role of Venice in the Byzantine and post-Byzantine world. He has interests in classical and Byzantine traditions in modern and contemporary culture as well as early modern religious culture. He serves on the editorial board of Clotho, a journal for classical studies (Ljubljana). He has co-authored a 2014 book Continual Philology on the history of classics, Byzantine, and modern Greek studies in 20th-century Ukraine. In 2019, Yasinovskyi worked with the Nanovic Institute's resources and faculty to develop a new course, "On the Cultural Crossroads" of the classical Mediterranean world.