Andrea Carteny

Visit Dates: 2020-21

Associate Professor of History of Eastern Europe, Modern History, and History of International Relations, and Director of the Interdepartmental Research Center for Cooperation with Eurasia, the Mediterranean, and Sub-Saharan Africa (CEMAS), Sapienza University of Rome

Research Interests
  • National identity and nationalism
  • International relations, politics, and cooperation
  • Mediterranean international security
  • Eurasian fashion and art history

Andrea Carteny serves as associate professor of the history of Eastern Europe, modern history, and the history of international relations, as well as director of CEMAS (Centro di Ricerca Cooperazione con l’Eurasia, il Mediterraneo e l’Africa Sub-sahariana), an interdepartmental research center, at the Sapienza University of Rome. Carteny received both a Ph.D. in the history of Europe and M.A. in humanities from the Sapienza University of Rome. Carteny's research focuses primarily on the concept of national identity, nationalism, and ethnocentrism, as well as Eurasian History and pan-Turanism. He serves in residence at the Nanovic Institute in spring 2021 as part of a collaboration with the Center for Italian Studies and the College of Arts and Letters.