“With Strong Spirit and Unbroken”: Myroslav Marynovych on Faith in Communist and Post-Communist Europe

Author: Gráinne McEvoy

Marynovych With Dean Appleby And Wife Barbara Nanovic Forum 2021 University Of Notre Dame
Myroslav Marynovych speaks with R. Scott Appleby, Marilyn Keough Dean, Keough School of Global Affairs, and his wife, Barbara. Courtesy of Barbara Johnston, University of Notre Dame.

On Thursday, September 16, the Nanovic Institute for European Studies was honored to welcome Myroslav Marynovych to deliver the 2021 Nanovic Forum Lecture. A native of Ukraine, Marynovych is a Gulag survivor, a human rights activist, and currently the vice-rector for university mission at the Ukrainian Catholic University.

In a lecture titled "Faith in Communist and Post-Communist Europe," Marynovych reflected on his own life and the experience of Ukraine as a window onto the broader experience of Eastern Europe under communism and after its demise. Clemens Sedmak, director of the Nanovic Institute and professor of social ethics, introduced and welcomed Marynovych to the University of Notre Dame.

The Institute has prepared an event brief that summarizes Marynovych’s lecture, and has made available a live recording for anyone who would like to watch the event.

View or Download the Event Brief

2021 Nanovic Forum with Myroslav Marynovych