Faculty fellow wins ACE / Mercer's International Book Award

Author: Jennifer Lechtanski

Margot Fassler

Nanovic faculty fellow Margot E Fassler, Keough-Hesburgh Professor of Music History and Liturgy and Co-Director of the Master of Sacred Music Program at the University of Notre Dame has won the ACE / Mercers’ International Book Award for The Virgin of Chartres: Making History through Liturgy and the Arts (Yale University Press, 2010). The ACE Awards are designed to celebrate the successes and diversity of architectural and artistic projects in religious buildings throughout Britain. The ACE / Mercers’ International Book Award is awarded to a book which makes an outstanding contribution to the dialogue between religious faith and the visual arts.

The winners of ACE Awards were announced at the Bishopsgate Institute, London on 16 November 2011, 7pm.

Download the ACE Awards press release.